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Vartanlvr April up and outside..already smoking! UGH! NT 1 8:59AM 12/07/2005
Vartanlvr Rachel just joined April outside. Complaining about people being loud, last night. NT 0 9:01AM 12/07/2005
Anonymous Rachel (eating) and James at kitchen counter, April doing kitchen stuff chatting NT 0 9:28AM 12/07/2005
JessicaRabbit Ashlea walks threw the kitchen and NO ONE says anything to her. NT 0 9:57AM 12/07/2005
amIsane F1- Kitchen 1 10:18AM 12/07/2005
amIsane Maggie gives a knowing look 0 10:24AM 12/07/2005
amIsane Ivette tells Eric that if she ever won the lottery 0 10:29AM 12/07/2005
SassyPrncess Eric on Jerry Springer: "There's a whole trailer trash nation!" NT 0 10:31AM 12/07/2005
lacycatherine James talking about animal shelters on F3 .. then FISH NT 1 10:34AM 12/07/2005
SassyPrncess Talk turns from Jerry Springer to shooting guns 0 10:35AM 12/07/2005
amIsane F3 convo 0 10:35AM 12/07/2005
amIsane James and psycho ex gf 1 10:41AM 12/07/2005
amIsane Outside exercising...not much to tell. NT 1 10:57AM 12/07/2005
amIsane F2- Mike, Kay, and Beau(??) shown sleeping still in multi bed room(rm w/ alot of beds) NT 0 11:02AM 12/07/2005
amIsane Ivette, Sarah, April, Jenn walking circles around yard. Eric, Maggie, James lifting weights. All 4 feeds on these people NT 1 11:07AM 12/07/2005
JGFAN24 Racheal and April discuss Woman cramps and needing advil NT 0 11:24AM 12/07/2005
amIsane Ivette only one still walking. Eric only one left on weights. April and Rach sitting at table talking NT 1 11:25AM 12/07/2005
amIsane April telling Rach about a guy(??) telling them he will get HOH and kick all their 3 11:29AM 12/07/2005
amIsane April and Jenn 0 11:39AM 12/07/2005
SassyPrncess Jenny & April talk strategy, sorta.... 1 11:39AM 12/07/2005
amIsane Sarah and James have a big kiss in the bathrm. She in shower, he in towel. He went to the shower door NT 0 11:44AM 12/07/2005
amIsane BB "HG , this is a lock down, please go outside and close the sliding glass door(??) 0 11:48AM 12/07/2005
amIsane Kay "This is a lock down" Howie "Bi!ches" (lol) They are changing batteries in storage rm. NT 0 11:49AM 12/07/2005
amIsane BB "Howie, please center you microphone" NT 0 11:50AM 12/07/2005
amIsane Howie "Beau, please start being heterosexual"(teasingly imitating BB) 1 11:52AM 12/07/2005
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