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Fantasy Players: April cries over missing dog a lot NT - SassyPrncess
11:49AM 16/07/2005

April now crying over the conversation about dogs - Quench
11:49AM 16/07/2005

Switch to Gold room Mike is taking Howie with him - Quench
11:51AM 16/07/2005

Mike still pushing for M/H and J/K to do the POV - Quench
11:54AM 16/07/2005

Brief fish then a return to Michael in the gold room. It appears that BB gave him his clothes which were all - nojobny
11:58AM 16/07/2005

Briefly fish and back with Howie giving Beau a massage - Quench
11:58AM 16/07/2005

HG's discuss Terry Schiavo case NT - SassyPrncess
12:01PM 16/07/2005

Eric gets up and away from the Nom Chair where he was sitting - Quench
12:06PM 16/07/2005

BB; Eric to the DR - a round of "yay" from the group NT - Quench
12:09PM 16/07/2005

Mike hints to Janelle to throw POV so he can win? NT - SassyPrncess
12:16PM 16/07/2005
Mike: It's up to you. I mean I would save myself first. NT - SassyPrncess
12:16PM 16/07/2005

While waiting for Eric's return the HG's play a game with the disks - Quench
12:17PM 16/07/2005

Janelle jokes she should mud wrestle Ivette. NT - SassyPrncess
12:17PM 16/07/2005

The HG's are now getting something to eat. They waited long enough and now they are hungry - Quench
12:22PM 16/07/2005

Michael to janelle in Gold BR: I wonder how much the american public is buying. (of the way michael has been painted by eric and the lemmings)NT - Mltv
12:24PM 16/07/2005

"Have you noticed his eyes, they are always blood shot. I think he's a crack addict." - Mike, on Eric(?) NT - KinkyLilBlackDress
12:27PM 16/07/2005

FISH NT - Quench
12:29PM 16/07/2005
soon to be known as TANK NT - kittykelli
1:06PM 16/07/2005
There are only a few left in the tank and don't look very healthy. A couple are obviously ill. NT - straightdave
1:01PM 16/07/2005

Still FISH - I am guessing that they are having the PoV competition. NT - Wayne321
12:55PM 16/07/2005

Feeds Back NT - Wayne321
1:07PM 16/07/2005

Back - Janelle and Mike in Gold room - Quench
1:08PM 16/07/2005
Not clear who the Veto winner is, yet. NT - Wayne321
1:09PM 16/07/2005

Mike: Time has come for everyone to clean up their own backyard before they go knocking on - Rabbit
1:09PM 16/07/2005

Mike time for everyone to clean up their own back yard before knocking on their neighbours door - Quench
1:10PM 16/07/2005

Rachel: I tried my best, just couldn't do it. (sounds like Mike/Howie won NT - tntaangela
1:11PM 16/07/2005

M: Whether i go home or you go home he will have a difficult time - Quench
1:13PM 16/07/2005

FISH all four feeds NT - Quench
1:15PM 16/07/2005

FISH again. NT - JessicaRabbit
1:16PM 16/07/2005

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