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valentine Eric: I Would NEVER Strike Another Man 0 9:42AM 17/07/2005
valentine Ivette: Eric, Kaysar Was More Physical To Me Than You Were! 0 9:45AM 17/07/2005
valentine They Made James Stay in the HOH Room 1 9:49AM 17/07/2005
JulesAna From Eric and Ivette's conversation it sounds like they were put in separate rooms after the blow up last night. 0 9:50AM 17/07/2005
listex All houseguests were separated in different rooms during the loooooong 0 9:50AM 17/07/2005
valentine Jennifer Tried to Make An Initial Pancake 0 9:53AM 17/07/2005
listex Ivette, James and Eric discussing how they have the next few weeks planned out 0 9:53AM 17/07/2005
listex April has now decided that Janelle is not deserving of her time anymore... 0 9:57AM 17/07/2005
DraftKing More Kaysar character destruction 0 9:58AM 17/07/2005
Mltv Ivette to Eric: I hated to see you apologize last night(to michael) NT 0 10:00AM 17/07/2005
listex "He was the least gay I had ever seen him"... 0 10:03AM 17/07/2005
valentine Eric: It Was the Least Gay I've Ever Seen Him. 0 10:05AM 17/07/2005
valentine Eric Orders Sarah to Go Brush Her Teeth 3 10:08AM 17/07/2005
valentine James Shares His Family Issues. 1 10:18AM 17/07/2005
Disneyisme It's James, Ivette, Jennifer and Eric sitting around the kitchen table talking about how they get along with 0 10:20AM 17/07/2005
Caribou F1: Main bedroom; F2-F4: Dining room table - James, Eric, Ivette, Jen, Sarah, Rachel 0 10:23AM 17/07/2005
Disneyisme James says he got beat by his father when he did something wrong. He says 0 10:23AM 17/07/2005
joannie Jennifer and Maggie are whispering on F2 0 10:26AM 17/07/2005
Caribou F1/F2: Maggie and Jenn up and whispering together in main bedroom in the dark 0 10:27AM 17/07/2005
valentine Jenn and Maggie Whisper in a Dark Bedroom 0 10:27AM 17/07/2005
Disneyisme Jennifer and Maggie are whispering in the bedroom. Jennifer is saying that she was left out of the loop. 2 10:29AM 17/07/2005
joannie Maggie says to Jenn: "I told Eric, 'you're not the same person I met two weeks ago.'" NT 2 10:30AM 17/07/2005
nojobny Mag to Jen: Is mike still here? 0 10:30AM 17/07/2005
Caribou Maggie - we have a feeling they convinced him to stay. 0 10:33AM 17/07/2005
Disneyisme Jennifer says it's hard to be crazy and wild in the house, when all you are doing is sitting around. 1 10:37AM 17/07/2005
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