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Eric: "Let's just say that was an unusual night. Shall we?" NT - joannie
11:10AM 17/07/2005

Michael Starts His Morning Rituals - valentine
11:12AM 17/07/2005

As Mike walked by the dining table group, on his way back to bed, he didn't look at them. Eric followed him out of the corner of his eye. NT - Caribou
11:13AM 17/07/2005

Everyone Greets Beau. - valentine
11:14AM 17/07/2005

Eric says "if they would have told me that they were putting me in the house with a gay guy, - Disneyisme
11:15AM 17/07/2005

Now, the FISH. NT - valentine
11:16AM 17/07/2005

Howie up, joking around with them. Kaysar up and into storage room NT - Caribou
11:18AM 17/07/2005

Kaysar walked through dining area. No one said a thing to him except Howie. They barely looked at him too NT - Caribou
11:19AM 17/07/2005

Howie and Kaysar Make Appearances - valentine
11:19AM 17/07/2005

April & Ivette's take on "The Fight" -Transcript - SassyPrncess
11:20AM 17/07/2005

Eric Just Said the Word Fag - valentine
11:20AM 17/07/2005
Beau told Howie not to use that word a few days ago... NT - Anonymous
11:27AM 17/07/2005
and Maggie told Eric not to use it because it is considered an offensive word NT - Anonymous
11:29AM 17/07/2005

Someone Says Sarcastically: Hey, This is a Nice Group! - valentine
11:22AM 17/07/2005
I thought it was Howie that said they were missing someone , to which - seezall
11:25AM 17/07/2005

Kaysar finished in bathroom and arrives in dining room. Sarah and James laughing with him about Howie kissing him. Ivette pipes up, Kaysar kissed me - Caribou
11:24AM 17/07/2005

Kaysar Walks Into the Kitchen Area - valentine
11:24AM 17/07/2005

They are getting ready for something NT - NMFireman
11:25AM 17/07/2005

BB Told Them to Hurry - valentine
11:25AM 17/07/2005

Howie Went to The Gold Room - valentine
11:28AM 17/07/2005

H: Did you get some action? - Zazny
11:28AM 17/07/2005

Howie talking to Mike in gold room. Glad Mike didnt' sign something to walk out today. Telling Mike to hang in there & stay. - Caribou
11:28AM 17/07/2005

April and Janelle were both in bathroom at same time. Not speaking. Janelle seems to be keeping her distance as much as April NT - Caribou
11:29AM 17/07/2005

Exhausted Maggie is Trying to Talk To Eric - valentine
11:30AM 17/07/2005
I Think Maggie Was Telling Eric - valentine
11:31AM 17/07/2005

All 4 Cams on Eric in the HOH - valentine
11:33AM 17/07/2005

Mike Has Now Roused Himself - valentine
11:37AM 17/07/2005
His Black Skull T-Shirt, Too. NT - valentine
11:37AM 17/07/2005
He Walked Through the Kitchen Area - valentine
11:39AM 17/07/2005

Everyone appears to be wearing the same cloths that they had on for the comp yesterday NT - straightdave
11:38AM 17/07/2005

Lots of FISH Sporadically Right Now. NT - valentine
11:40AM 17/07/2005

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