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bubbles6moose howie is talking about guess what...... 0 5:48PM 18/07/2005
joannie Mike: "It's...strange...trying to talk about things...when you're being watched." NT 1 5:51PM 18/07/2005
joannie More kissy kissy in the Gold Room. NT 0 5:55PM 18/07/2005
joannie Mike: "I wish we could open those f*cking safes. We've probably been sleeping next to $500,000." NT 0 5:59PM 18/07/2005
joannie Mike and Janelle are going to try to open the safes 0 6:04PM 18/07/2005
joannie BB: "Howie, this is a reminder that sleeping in the living room is not permitted!" NT 0 6:17PM 18/07/2005
Anonymous Howie told not to nap on conch even though Rachel did NT 0 6:17PM 18/07/2005
Anonymous Maggie talking about Berkley Hippies! NT 0 6:19PM 18/07/2005
Anonymous Maggie and K talking about how hard conversations are and how most conversations are sexual NT 0 6:21PM 18/07/2005
joannie Mike is obsessing about the safes 0 6:21PM 18/07/2005
Anonymous Maggie says there is NO sexuality in this house - she is madly in love with someone so there is no sexuality in house NT 0 6:22PM 18/07/2005
Anonymous Kaysar doesn't believe in love at first sight - have to get to know person NT 0 6:23PM 18/07/2005
Anonymous Kaysar says that touching is interference in getting to know someone and says it gets in the way of getting to know person NT 0 6:24PM 18/07/2005
joannie Howie enters the Gold Room. "Big Brother woke me up out there." 0 6:25PM 18/07/2005
joannie Howie leaves. Mike starts studying the map again. NT 1 6:27PM 18/07/2005
Anonymous Janelle's siblings are NIck, Travis and Angela NT 0 6:29PM 18/07/2005
Anonymous 297, 302, 311...#'s Mike things has something to do with the safes NT 1 6:36PM 18/07/2005
hoarsewhisperer Howie is contemplating his navel 0 6:37PM 18/07/2005
joannie Janelle, Mike, and Howie try to open the safe. 0 6:39PM 18/07/2005
gymborebel Howie, Mike and Howie all trying different combos on the safes NT 0 6:39PM 18/07/2005
DraftKing Michael tells Howie about "his numbers" 0 6:43PM 18/07/2005
Karenell Howie to Janelle: Darn you're smart. Then serious, whispering, you need to win HOH this week. She whispers back "I know." NT 0 6:48PM 18/07/2005
Ric_LaGuardia feeds back up - cappy is good at forming burgers NT 0 6:52PM 18/07/2005
joannie We're back. Mike still obsessing about the numbers. NT 0 6:53PM 18/07/2005
gymborebel Jan telling Howie she is a Pediatrician NT 1 6:55PM 18/07/2005
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