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nojobny James & Ivette are in the kitchen talking Santeria and voodoo. NT 0 1:05PM 30/07/2005
ferretkiss ivette in bathroom briefly with beau telling him how many things are in different places of the house... 0 1:09PM 30/07/2005
PSister Fish NT 0 1:10PM 30/07/2005
KinkyLilBlackDress Big Brother 6 Daily Recap So Far 0 1:13PM 30/07/2005
Quench They are playing a game at the counter with cups and clapping in unison NT 0 1:19PM 30/07/2005
ferretkiss back, we see the hand clapping game (april/maggie/beau/ w others).... 1 1:19PM 30/07/2005
chaka34 Howie (?): BB we need to get this thing started... NT 0 1:27PM 30/07/2005
howies_undies Howie is convinced that it is taking so long because they're (BB) trying to figure out a way... 0 1:32PM 30/07/2005
nojobny How is on the couch with Kay and he's whispering to him that he thinks the reason it's taking so 0 1:33PM 30/07/2005
ferretkiss apparently james had asked beau if he could use his (beaus) bible and beau said no... 1 1:50PM 30/07/2005
las0127 K, Jam, Jan, S think its going to be a shooting game, 0 1:53PM 30/07/2005
las0127 K told H that the reason he didn't like him in the beginning is 0 1:56PM 30/07/2005
ferretkiss james takes kay and jan into room: guys april just ratted us out.... 1 1:58PM 30/07/2005
las0127 A now telling B that K and his "group" were talking and came out smiling... 0 2:01PM 30/07/2005
las0127 S says she just put her hair back, so H said "you have a hairy back?" 0 2:07PM 30/07/2005
Mltv April: James is digging himself deeper and deeper with us (in a bad way) NT 0 2:08PM 30/07/2005
Kaynelle paranoia running rampant 0 2:09PM 30/07/2005
Anonymous Howie wants to show the girls a 1 2:10PM 30/07/2005
Kaynelle more and more paranoia 0 2:14PM 30/07/2005
Quench I/A/B/M/Jen in HOH watching the other group with the TV set. 0 2:19PM 30/07/2005
Kaynelle sarah comes to hoh with proposal 0 2:20PM 30/07/2005
Quench Sarah tells them it's not K/Jan/James and her it's actually Howie and Rachel with K and Jan NT 0 2:20PM 30/07/2005
Quench Sarah saying that Rachel just sits back and listens when a conversation is going on. Then Rachel comes into the HOH 0 2:21PM 30/07/2005
Kaynelle Rachel breaks up game talk 0 2:23PM 30/07/2005
Kaynelle It becomes who do you want to wake up every morning and see. 0 2:25PM 30/07/2005
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