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Suzan The teams cannot see each other so the slow team of Ivette, Beau and Maggie cannot see that 0 8:26PM 31/07/2005
Caribou Jennifer quite aggressive and cranky it seems during this comp. Saying "F***ers" and "get in there!!" NT 1 8:27PM 31/07/2005
ktan Blue team closing in on victory. Only several light bulbs left to go. NT 0 8:27PM 31/07/2005
Suzan Beau telling his team to hurry. Audience did some brief clapping and cheering when they saw the Blue teams word NT 0 8:27PM 31/07/2005
ElBarto Blue team is almost done NT 0 8:28PM 31/07/2005
ElBarto Red team is moving so much slower than the blue team NT 0 8:29PM 31/07/2005
imnotpunk blue team FAR ahead, trying to work out the kinks...Beau (red team): Who cares how far ahead they are...come on! NT 0 8:30PM 31/07/2005
Disneyisme The blue team keeps pushing the button, but they have to keep going back to fix some of the bulbs. 0 8:31PM 31/07/2005
ElBarto Blue Wins! NT 0 8:31PM 31/07/2005
imnotpunk BLUE team wins!!! (rachel/sarah/jennifer) NT 0 8:31PM 31/07/2005
Caribou Ivette stands staring at her board... staring...(lol) NT 0 8:32PM 31/07/2005
Disneyisme It's cool, the 'sold out' is all lit up with a streaming outline of lights blinking around it. NT 0 8:32PM 31/07/2005
Suzan Ivette blaming their loss on the fact that some of their bulbs did not work (went out) NT 0 8:32PM 31/07/2005
Disneyisme First things first for April, the competition isn't over 15 seconds and she lights up, then we get FISH NT 0 8:33PM 31/07/2005
Disneyisme Everyone is still outside and eating popcorn..milling around. NT 0 8:40PM 31/07/2005
imnotpunk feeds back, ivette just staring at the SOLD OUT board while james eats popcorn..other HGs messing around NT 0 8:41PM 31/07/2005
Caribou The winning team will watch the movie in HOH room. So Maggie locked out of her own room. NT 0 8:41PM 31/07/2005
callmejenn See a poster with Mark Wahlberg "Marky Mark"...may be his new movie Four Brothers? NT 1 8:42PM 31/07/2005
ktan F1 briefly showed a popcorn machine and various snacks in the HOH room. NT 0 8:44PM 31/07/2005
Caribou Kaysar, janelle and beau in front of winning board still lit up. Kaysar patiently explains to Beau how they did it. Beau explains what he was doing. 0 8:45PM 31/07/2005
imnotpunk ivette holding maggie, playing with her hair...both are silently staring at the SOLD OUT board, look really bummed NT 0 8:45PM 31/07/2005
Caribou James comments that the losing team dropped a lot of bulbs. F4 shows Maggie leaning back against Ivette, who has her arms around Maggie. They don't 0 8:46PM 31/07/2005
Disneyisme Ivette is sitting up high on something and Maggie is standing with her back to Ivette, Ivette has both 0 8:47PM 31/07/2005
Caribou Ivette wonders why BB told them to wear "moveable bottoms". Maggie explains "we needed to be able to move around...like my skirt and flip flops" would 0 8:47PM 31/07/2005
Disneyisme FEEDS cut just as Howie was talking game. NT 0 8:47PM 31/07/2005
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