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Howie: OH boy Janie! Janelle: OH boy Howie! ...they laugh. Now reviewing game so far, who won comps etc. NT - Caribou
2:50AM 09/08/2005

Howie, Janelle talking about Mike - if he really likes her, how much, etc. (both agree he likes her a lot) NT - Caribou
2:54AM 09/08/2005

Howie and Janie are in bed, in the dark, but still talking. The convo jumps all over the place from playing (oh howie, oh janie stuff) to AC to clues - Caribou
3:00AM 09/08/2005
Beau & Iv in hammock; upset with Ape NT - ezraPounds
3:07AM 09/08/2005

Well well well...Ivette and Beau on in the hammock in BY with blankets! First time camera's shown us this. - Caribou
3:07AM 09/08/2005

Oh, good grief. Thought they were in bed, but Beau and Ivette in hammock. - ejj1955
3:07AM 09/08/2005

Beau wishes Mike would come back so he could take out April/Jenn. - Caribou
3:11AM 09/08/2005

Ivette on April: You're always f'n forewarning, just shut up! NT - Caribou
3:12AM 09/08/2005

FISH all feeds NT - Caribou
3:13AM 09/08/2005

Howie/Janie appear to be asleep in HOH bed. Ivette/Beau chatting on hammock about home - lots of FISH on and off NT - Caribou
3:15AM 09/08/2005

Beau and Ivette watching a spider spin a web and drop down near them on the hammock. Beau freaking out, Ivette laughing. Now they quietly watch the - Caribou
3:29AM 09/08/2005

Beau and Ivette go inside to bed, in the barracks. Beau: "goodnight, i love you" NT - Caribou
3:37AM 09/08/2005

All Hamsters in bed, quiet, sleeping (or it seems that way at least) NT - Caribou
3:45AM 09/08/2005

All HG's still asleep. All is quiet in BB house for now!! NT - Toni
7:21AM 09/08/2005

All 4 feeds on sleeping HG's. NT - amIsane
8:42AM 09/08/2005
As I wrote the above. Rach wakes up NT - amIsane
8:43AM 09/08/2005

Rach goes to WR...changes, puts hair up.Contacts in. sits on the BR rug and puts - amIsane
8:54AM 09/08/2005

Rachel doing her morning treadmill. NT - PamBBfan
8:54AM 09/08/2005

R is thowing something on the floor - Anonymous
9:15AM 09/08/2005
She was cleaning the kitchen up and looked pissed - Snarky
9:29AM 09/08/2005

Rachel is cutting up cantalope in the kitchen counter. Everyone else are - GCAPTAiN
9:29AM 09/08/2005

Rachel just went outside to eat her breakfast. Sitting at the table by herself. NT - GCAPTAiN
9:40AM 09/08/2005

After cleaning the pool, Rachel sits on the lawn chair for about 30 seconds.. - GCAPTAiN
10:11AM 09/08/2005

Rachel doing dishes, laundry, messing with hot tub then heads outside - ShelBel
10:12AM 09/08/2005

Howie is either awake or tossing in his sleep or waking up - Janelle also - ShelBel
10:20AM 09/08/2005

James is now up - Snarky
11:06AM 09/08/2005

BB: God morning HGs, time 2 get up for the day. - John_DK_
11:11AM 09/08/2005

maggie, jennifer, april at BY table - Anonymous
11:41AM 09/08/2005

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