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Caribou James admitted hiding in the bathroom one night to hear a conversation. Maggie jumps on that and says "I can't believe you admitted that" 0 1:14PM 10/08/2005
Caribou Ivette angry that James says he doesn't believe in throwing comps yet she says he DID throw one (or two) 0 1:15PM 10/08/2005
Caribou HOwie came outside and Jennifer said "uh uh you need to go talk to Janie, we're having a private conversation" NT 0 1:16PM 10/08/2005
Caribou Janelle laying in sun beside the pool. Howie whispering to her...sounds like you, me, rachel, kaysar get HOH... NT 0 1:16PM 10/08/2005
Caribou James has said, twice now I think, that the other side made a mistake and they know it. Maggie also jumped on him about the cop belief saying "i'm not 0 1:18PM 10/08/2005
Caribou BB has called Howie to DR twice in past 5 minutes NT 0 1:19PM 10/08/2005
Caribou Sarah crying about James continually being nominated and how hard that has been on her NT 0 1:19PM 10/08/2005
amIsane Howie has come out with his HOH Camera NT 0 1:23PM 10/08/2005
Caribou Howie and Rachel come outside with HOH camera. Taking pic of the BY table session. They all are ok with that, joking with Howie. NT 0 1:23PM 10/08/2005
Caribou Maggie remains seated and says "this is the most inopportune time to have a camera" NT 0 1:23PM 10/08/2005
Caribou Jennifer, James, SArah and Maggie only ones remaining seated at table. NT 0 1:24PM 10/08/2005
amIsane James ranted for a very long time. At one point Beau(he has had an attitude with Jam this entire time) 0 1:24PM 10/08/2005
Caribou April: can you admit that you were going to put up me and Maggie if you got HOH? James: of course. i knew maggie was pissed at me because of eric. 0 1:29PM 10/08/2005
Caribou April - you're still trying to get them on your side... James - April I know I dont' have a side NT 0 1:30PM 10/08/2005
Caribou Janelle, Beau and Howie singing the lesbian song while Ivette takes their picture (and shes' ok with it). Janelle now wants a pic of her and Ivette NT 0 1:30PM 10/08/2005
BBBoobies During picture review: Janie says "howie get your f'ing d*** off me" classic for BB6 NT 0 1:31PM 10/08/2005
Caribou James gets cryptic. Telling them that "someone" (won't name person but I think it's Rachel he's talking about) came in the GR and looked down 0 1:33PM 10/08/2005
Caribou James - we were told we had their votes and then they took the votes back and it was because you guys decided NOT to vote Ivette out 0 1:34PM 10/08/2005
Caribou James says he respects her because he knows she hates him and Maggie says firmly "it's a mutual hatred. keep going" NT 0 1:35PM 10/08/2005
BBBoobies "American, Janies boobies are REAL... expensive" - Howie NT 0 1:35PM 10/08/2005
Caribou James - every week so far, i've had no friends until Saturday. Then I win VETO and everyone wants me around. NT 0 1:36PM 10/08/2005
Caribou Sarah swearing she never said anything bad about anyone. April says she knows and believes that NT 0 1:36PM 10/08/2005
Whatever Rachel just walked over and sat down at the discussion table to eat so the conv. ended. NT 0 1:38PM 10/08/2005
Whatever J/S/H/B/A/M: Taking pictures with HOH camera NT 0 1:40PM 10/08/2005
Caribou April and Maggie stand up to hug for picture. Janelle and Ivette at pool talking about this whole thing but can't hear NT 0 1:40PM 10/08/2005
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