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jojoofmo Jen explained to April while folding clothes why they need to get James out now. 0 12:19AM 13/08/2005
Copious Maggie: "Theres not a fu%^ing chance, if he (James) is on the block, that I'm not voting for him." 0 12:25AM 13/08/2005
Chunga James asking Jen in the LR if he's going out 7-0 or if he has a chance. 0 12:38AM 13/08/2005
ejj1955 James and Jenn in long convo, one interesting question: 1 12:57AM 13/08/2005
JenJen Jen ends conversation, James says "This means so much to me." NT 0 1:02AM 13/08/2005
Chunga Ivette working on the Crapettes again to save James. NT 0 1:14AM 13/08/2005
ejj1955 HOH group talking about DR guys--Mags says they try to make you look like an a$$hole even if you're not. LOL. NT 0 1:17AM 13/08/2005
CruiseCritic Jen just said "its party time USA behind the wall" and FISH NT 0 1:18AM 13/08/2005
ejj1955 Beau tells Maggie she has to look pretty tomorrow for the POV comp; she asks, "What's pretty?" NT 0 1:21AM 13/08/2005
DebbieInc Howie, Janelle & Kay playing chess ..Howie calling the Friendsheep 0 1:29AM 13/08/2005
helena Howie has gone to bed, looking really upset NT 0 1:39AM 13/08/2005
DebbieInc Janelle & Kay now on LR couch 0 1:40AM 13/08/2005
helena Kaysar and Janelle go to LR; James still in DR; Kaysar doesn't want to be there when James gets out NT 0 1:40AM 13/08/2005
DebbieInc Howie comes out to LR w/ Kaysar 0 1:42AM 13/08/2005
helena KJH in LR, but no sound!!! NT 0 1:59AM 13/08/2005
Augustkm Amazing! The sound man manages to have the sound off for 30mins, but still is there to give us FISH! NT 0 2:02AM 13/08/2005
DebbieInc Kay to Janelle : These ppl talk more than they think. They're morons 0 2:04AM 13/08/2005
DebbieInc Kaysar now in Kitchen area Praying NT 0 2:06AM 13/08/2005
Chunga All asleep now. NT 0 2:40AM 13/08/2005
valentine Somebody is Coughing 0 5:16AM 13/08/2005
BlueDiva All is quiet in the house. HGs still sleep. NT 0 8:08AM 13/08/2005
pooh5983 feeds are on 0 8:20AM 13/08/2005
BlueDiva Rach is up going through her morning routine. NT 1 8:21AM 13/08/2005
valentine Rachel Sits Down, Solo, at the Dining Table 1 9:21AM 13/08/2005
valentine Rachel Watched the Fish For a Few Moments 0 9:32AM 13/08/2005
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