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Iris Maggie gets April out of gym away from James. 0 2:56PM 28/08/2005
kaysar_and_janie james: "people lie in this game, beau." beau: "no *****." james tells beau he cares about ivette and beau. NT 0 2:56PM 28/08/2005
Zazny M whispers to A: James just admitted he'd never put Ivette up NT 0 2:57PM 28/08/2005
Iris Maggie to April: James just admitted he wouldn't put up Ivette. April: I know. NT 0 2:57PM 28/08/2005
kaysar_and_janie maggie whispers to april that james just admitted he'd never put up ivette. NT 0 2:57PM 28/08/2005
Sunflake James on a rant about being alone (to Maggie and April who don't say anything to him.) NT 0 2:59PM 28/08/2005
kaysar_and_janie james still going off. april and maggie ignoring him. NT 0 2:59PM 28/08/2005
Quench James now in the kitchen with A and M 0 2:59PM 28/08/2005
Quench April if I could evict my self I would. James no you wouldn't your not a quitter NT 0 3:01PM 28/08/2005
kaysar_and_janie james: "just be glad you have someone to go to." maggie: "you have ivette." 0 3:02PM 28/08/2005
Iris James still ranting to April and Maggie. He's at the dining table, they are at the kitchen bar eating. 0 3:02PM 28/08/2005
Quench April - "I still think the best thing is to get James out". Turns to Maggie "Right?" NT 0 3:06PM 28/08/2005
Zazny Jam: You have no idea how this place has broken me down; M: Yes we do; A: We lost our partners, too 0 3:06PM 28/08/2005
Zazny Maggie thinks it's shady that Howie ran to HOH when things started to go down in the gym NT 0 3:07PM 28/08/2005
kaysar_and_janie april calls janie a habitual liar. maggie says both james and janie both are. 0 3:07PM 28/08/2005
Quench Around the feeds. April changing into her bikini in WC Maggie waiting for the room. 2 feeds on empty rooms 0 3:09PM 28/08/2005
Iris Maggie asks April why she thinks Howie ran upstairs when the sh*t hit the fan in the gym. 0 3:09PM 28/08/2005
kaysar_and_janie maggie goes to gym to tell beau howie has been upstairs with ivette for 40 minutes. 0 3:10PM 28/08/2005
kaysar_and_janie james to april: you want to backdoor me, fine. ... you have an ally in me. NT 0 3:12PM 28/08/2005
Quench James - April if you backdoor me fine 0 3:12PM 28/08/2005
Diana Jmes to A: If you want to backdoor me April, Go ahead! NT 0 3:13PM 28/08/2005
Iris April telling James that he is the target because they know he's after April and Maggie. 0 3:13PM 28/08/2005
Quench James to April you believe what they say to you about me. April - no I don't James - yes you do. NT 0 3:13PM 28/08/2005
kaysar_and_janie april to james: "you and janelle are lucky mofo's." NT 0 3:14PM 28/08/2005
Quench James and April now talking game. BB: Maggie please go the the DR. April and James left alone to talk more NT 0 3:15PM 28/08/2005
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