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tragopanic James and Ivette alone now, playing chess. Being very quiet. NT 0 6:55PM 30/08/2005
tragopanic Howie in the shower, Janie puts on a robe. No one talking strategy. NT 0 7:00PM 30/08/2005
pittsburgh24 While Janelle was in the bathroom earlier (during show), Howie came in and said "you're still going to save me aren't you?" 0 7:20PM 30/08/2005
John_DK_ April doing treadmill wearing blue bikini top. Hop, hop, hop... NT 1 7:23PM 30/08/2005
Diana Boring day: F1&F2 on April and Ivette in the kitchen... 0 7:43PM 30/08/2005
Diana Ivette: I'm going to vegas, gonna go crusing with Cappy in his '92 Celica NT 0 7:43PM 30/08/2005
Diana Ivette, Maggie and April talking about cars... 0 7:47PM 30/08/2005
PawPrint74 TRANSCRIPT - August 26, 2005 - 8:04 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. BBT - Maggie, April, Ivette & Beau Gossiping, Bashing, Strategizing & Some Arguing - TRANSCRIPT 0 7:56PM 30/08/2005
calgal Howie showering on feed three NT 1 7:56PM 30/08/2005
he244 We just got another FU from April. NT 0 7:57PM 30/08/2005
calgal Howie blows his nose in the shower into his fingers NT 0 7:59PM 30/08/2005
calgal Beau tells H owie that he had a dream about Howie having..... (adult material here) 0 8:08PM 30/08/2005
he244 Howie said (someone from the show) walked in on him in the storage room today...FISH NT 0 8:11PM 30/08/2005
bbf fish NT 0 8:11PM 30/08/2005
JAK420 beau howie an magg talk in the kitchen about bb lettin a courtin open and magg could see the rats and howie said 0 8:13PM 30/08/2005
pittsburgh24 Maggie, April and Ivette talking about Janelle pinky swearing James that she will give him a sympathy vote. The plan is now to have all of the 0 8:28PM 30/08/2005
Taffy All Butdussy sisters in Bathtub... 0 8:51PM 30/08/2005
Taffy Ivette to N/H: I'm not bendable. 0 8:54PM 30/08/2005
Taffy Maggie saying she's still bothered by James still calling her a cop. 0 8:58PM 30/08/2005
Taffy Janey, Howie and James in LR 0 9:03PM 30/08/2005
Taffy Now the butdussy sisters are scheming on how to put Janelle on the spot 0 9:12PM 30/08/2005
Taffy Back from fish... 0 9:15PM 30/08/2005
shesblazzzing Janelle says kissing Howie would be like kissing your dog or your brother! NT 0 9:18PM 30/08/2005
Taffy Howie to Jan in LR... 0 9:19PM 30/08/2005
Taffy Fish on all 4 feeds 0 9:21PM 30/08/2005
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