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NH in HOH - fnfish
11:25PM 03/09/2005

Maggie: I beat her yesterday in teh HOH and I beat her in the veto. I'm not scared of her. NT - fnfish
11:26PM 03/09/2005

Ivette: Janelle hates me because I'm a lesbian and because Howie's always telling me I'm pretty. NT - Kaynelle
11:27PM 03/09/2005

April just admitted that Janelle never said anything bad about not liking Maggie or anything NT - fnfish
11:27PM 03/09/2005

April accusing BB of letting Janelle cheat in the Veto Comp. NT - Kaynelle
11:29PM 03/09/2005

OMG, AGAIN April is trying to blame BB for Janelle's win - fnfish
11:30PM 03/09/2005

Maggie: Howie, we are so sorry that you didn't win today. NT - fnfish
11:31PM 03/09/2005

Howie admits that Janie loves that game, that she talked about it before NT - fnfish
11:31PM 03/09/2005

April thinks that BB let Jan do the game several times until she got it faster..(Ed note...Sore loser!!!) NT - cussler
11:31PM 03/09/2005

The NH call Howie up to HOH room while Janie's in the DR NT - Kaynelle
11:32PM 03/09/2005

Ivette is digging at Janelle just because she owns one or 2 seasons of BB and watched them a couple times NT - fnfish
11:32PM 03/09/2005

Howie: She earned the right to take herself off. She was awesome. NT - Kaynelle
11:33PM 03/09/2005

Times of veto comp: - fnfish
11:33PM 03/09/2005

Maggie to Howie: We like your heart and that matters more - fnfish
11:34PM 03/09/2005

janie called to DR and then aprilsaid Bb has rigged the game to keep janie in.. - LIVEFEEDWATCHER
11:36PM 03/09/2005

LOL Howie just shot down Ivette's dig - fnfish
11:37PM 03/09/2005

Ivette to Howie: "Is she going for the 500 grand?" - joannie
11:38PM 03/09/2005

ivette asks howie - she wouldn't consider letting you stay would she? - fnfish
11:40PM 03/09/2005

Howie in HOH talking about comp. - fnfish
11:43PM 03/09/2005

apparently Ivette said to Janelle in the nomination ceremony speech... - billw84
11:44PM 03/09/2005

howie says it's a clean game....you win or you lose.....i know we're a family and all... - bbdev
11:46PM 03/09/2005

April to Howie: We have so much love in our hearts. - Kaynelle
11:46PM 03/09/2005

ivette is trying to get howie to admit events favors certain HGs NT - RWeiny00
11:52PM 03/09/2005

Howie is telling I/M in HOH that BB takes events and caters them for each person in the house at different times - fnfish
11:53PM 03/09/2005

ivette saying that besides cappy howie we like u the most and even when u had ur outbursts we still liked you NT - LIVEFEEDWATCHER
11:54PM 03/09/2005

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