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Iv- it will be busy with a lot of comps coming fast now (seems to really know the details on how BB usually does it at end) NT - amynyc
9:26PM 08/09/2005

April says dad did not know she was coming on bb NT - bbfaninaz
9:26PM 08/09/2005

Maggie says her dad thought she was going to jail NT - bbfaninaz
9:27PM 08/09/2005

April - my family will be So proud of me. Mag did not tell her dad where she was going, only Dave and one friend know NT - amynyc
9:27PM 08/09/2005

BB: April pls go to DR, and April leaves real fast NT - amynyc
9:28PM 08/09/2005

Fish all 4 feeds NT - amynyc
9:29PM 08/09/2005

Back - Iv and Mag still talking at By table, Iv telling Mag something she says in Spanish NT - amynyc
9:30PM 08/09/2005

Fish could be due to someone yelling outside of backyard, anyone else hear it? NT - Ben_Sparks
9:30PM 08/09/2005

Iv - I am damned proud to be here, Mag me too (Mag thought ERIC would WIN - with his personality!!!) NT - amynyc
9:31PM 08/09/2005

Mag- we had a damned good alliance, Iv - 3 of us left. Mag - amazing NT - amynyc
9:31PM 08/09/2005

Mag I just want to start having some fun, don't want to talk about game, it's amost over -- they go inside NT - amynyc
9:32PM 08/09/2005

Mag went off to Bathrm, Iv in kitchen and only one being shown on feeds NT - amynyc
9:34PM 08/09/2005

Feed 1 & 3 Ivette in kitchen, F2 empty couches in LR, F4 Mag washing hands in BR, then goes to kitchen NT - amynyc
9:35PM 08/09/2005

Mag walking around with blanket around her (furry one from GR?) she's cold NT - amynyc
9:36PM 08/09/2005

no sign of April or Janelle on feeds NT - amynyc
9:37PM 08/09/2005

Mag staring at gumball machine, walking all around it and looking inside NT - amynyc
9:37PM 08/09/2005

mag just wanderimg aroumd aimlessly, got Iv in Bathrm, they both walk out to BY again (Mag had asked her to do that a couple mins ago) NT - amynyc
9:38PM 08/09/2005

F1 empty kitchen (table shot mostly), F2 empty LR, F3/F4 BY iv and mag NT - amynyc
9:39PM 08/09/2005

Only person on feeds is Maggie, wrapped in blanket - memyselfandi
9:39PM 08/09/2005

Mag swinging in hammock - tells Iv the game was supposed to be a lot more fun NT - amynyc
9:40PM 08/09/2005

Ivette - I am still here (very proudly tells Mag she is way too loud for some people, too annoying, etc, but still here) NT - amynyc
9:41PM 08/09/2005

Iv doing laundry and still talking, but mag cant hear her NT - amynyc
9:42PM 08/09/2005

Iv waiting for laundry, Mag in hammock - talking across yard NT - amynyc
9:43PM 08/09/2005

Iv watching spin cycle, waiting till it's over - this thing takes foreverrr! (Ed - Like watching boiling water) NT - amynyc
9:44PM 08/09/2005

Iv goes in kitchen for 2 secs - rushes back out to mag: Hey, I think April went to HOH room!!! NT - amynyc
9:45PM 08/09/2005

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