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nickinoodles Jan: I feel like a fu<kin' horse....my makeup must be a mess! NT 0 9:55PM 13/09/2005
ktan 3 hours now and the dial has been moving fairly quickly for some time. It stopped briefly and is now spinning in the other direction. NT 0 9:55PM 13/09/2005
Jana Janey seems to be breathing harder than the other two. NT 0 9:57PM 13/09/2005
bakerladee Janie's hands are slipping - Maggies's and Yvette's are not. (hang on Janie) NT 0 10:00PM 13/09/2005
Diana Janie whispers to herself: Come on!! Don't slip off.. NT 0 10:05PM 13/09/2005
BigBooty Janie looking very wobbly, and tired NT 0 10:05PM 13/09/2005
Diana Janie's got her breathing more even, and wiped off her hands (one at a time) NT 0 10:07PM 13/09/2005
TX_Redhead Janie's looking very bad, exhausted, other 2 look okay still (come on janie) NT 0 10:07PM 13/09/2005
BigBooty JAnelle: I dont htink I am gonna make it NT 0 10:09PM 13/09/2005
nickinoodles Jan: guys, i don't think i can make it....the other two are actually cheering her on! 0 10:09PM 13/09/2005
serac janelle saying she can't make it NT 0 10:09PM 13/09/2005
BigBooty JAnelle: Im getting dizzy, I have only got 5 minutes left in me NT 0 10:10PM 13/09/2005
bbfaninaz Janelle saying she can't do it anymore!! Maggie and Ivette encourageing her to stay on!!! They are being very nice NT 0 10:10PM 13/09/2005
scoobydoo Ivette: Mommy, mommy, I want a Janie doll! Nobody wants a Janie doll that falls off NT 0 10:10PM 13/09/2005
Diana Janelle is saying she cant do it...Ironically enough Maggie and Ivette are encouraging her to stay on NT 0 10:10PM 13/09/2005
serac ivette ande maggie coax her on like howie NT 0 10:11PM 13/09/2005
Vinman J saying " Janey doesn't like to sweat" That's why I take breaks drinking water when I work out! NT 0 10:11PM 13/09/2005
bakerladee Janelle is saying that she only has about 5 minutes left in her 0 10:12PM 13/09/2005
las0127 Maggie says we have hours left in us... 0 10:12PM 13/09/2005
kristinek Ivette says: Everyone wants a Janie doll, but not one that falls off! " Janie sighs, "I know.." Looks like not much longer for Janie. NT 0 10:13PM 13/09/2005
bbfaninaz Janelle doing alot of moaning, she thought they were stopping it, then they went faster,she says I have my period NT 0 10:14PM 13/09/2005
soapy i think they are encouraging janelle so that they dont have to compete against one another , looks like she is going (janie) NT 0 10:15PM 13/09/2005
bakerladee J: My back is sore, I almost fell about 50 times, Oh God. 0 10:15PM 13/09/2005
bbfaninaz Janelle talking about Survivor endurance, saying she does not have it in her, thinks she threw her neck out NT 0 10:16PM 13/09/2005
bakerladee Maggie apologizes and says she has lots left in her. NT 0 10:17PM 13/09/2005
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