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bbaddict2005 maggie & janie in hot tub talking about Part 1 of competition - that it was made for girls - 2 6:40PM 14/09/2005
Janie_Roxx BB: HG's you are not allowed to talk about your DR session with other HG's. NT 0 6:42PM 14/09/2005
Yesca Ivette has a herpe on her lip NT 0 6:44PM 14/09/2005
Yesca Janelle tellin the sheep she convinced Howie she had a twin in the house NT 0 6:47PM 14/09/2005
Yesca discussing how BBs plans hardly worked out. "They didnt expect us to last 14 hours, they didnt expect Jan to only use her pb&j pass once" NT 1 6:50PM 14/09/2005
Yesca "becoz we didnt work as a team we didnt get James out" says Janelle 0 6:57PM 14/09/2005
Yesca more fish plz NT 0 6:58PM 14/09/2005
Yesca Janelle calling herself the biggest retard ever NT 0 7:01PM 14/09/2005
Yesca past competitions and what they coulda woulda shoulda done NT 0 7:03PM 14/09/2005
Yesca Janelle goin to check for wine NT 0 7:06PM 14/09/2005
LIVEFEEDWATCHER ivette made comment that BB told james and april not to start doing certain things until around week 3 or after week three then we got fish this was 0 7:08PM 14/09/2005
Yesca target dog bed discussion NT 0 7:13PM 14/09/2005
Yesca Maggies dogs are 160 lbs...when Ivette has a barrette in her hand her dog is rdy to go NT 0 7:15PM 14/09/2005
Yesca Mag likes Pugs Ivette's friend has one who walks around w/pacifiers NT 0 7:16PM 14/09/2005
Yesca hot tub getting hot enough for Mag and Ivette to get back in (ed. they were cold and wet DUH its hotter lol) NT 0 7:18PM 14/09/2005
Yesca discussing tubs....Maggie describing her moms and...fish NT 2 7:18PM 14/09/2005
ferretkiss Jan: oh ivette have you seen those tiny little washers and dryers you can get for your... 0 7:19PM 14/09/2005
Yesca Maggie talkin bout making a dog door in her house tearing down a concret ewall NT 1 7:22PM 14/09/2005
Yesca Janelle's dad dont come to mexico with them , he's gotta fiancee....fish NT 0 7:28PM 14/09/2005
Yesca Janelle finally checkin for wine NT 0 7:33PM 14/09/2005
Yesca Ivette I need to know if they think Im annoying . Maggie: well, yeah. We all call ourselves annoying NT 0 7:35PM 14/09/2005
Yesca Ivette: through all the craziness Girls....I had fun NT 0 7:40PM 14/09/2005
Yesca Maggie goin for ben gay she's freezing NT 0 7:42PM 14/09/2005
Yesca Ivette wants a movie in the HOH room cmon plz any movie Janelle : we cant go in there NT 0 7:43PM 14/09/2005
Yesca Jan and Ivette talkin bout hygeine when they leave...manicure, pedicure, skin NT 0 7:44PM 14/09/2005
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