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Janelle talkijn bout her gramma and her just alike ...Maggie calls her on it, "I thought you were nothing alike" Janelle" looking" NT - Yesca
12:44PM 15/09/2005
Janelle said her grandmother and her are just alike - JanieDoll82
12:48PM 15/09/2005

mom and gramma stories...(ed. gotta take dog out someone out there to keep up I hope) NT - Yesca
12:46PM 15/09/2005

All 3 girls are by the pool laying out in bikini's - JanieDoll82
12:50PM 15/09/2005
Janelle said her grandmother had kicked Jan's father, but that he was being extremely mean to her mom at the time and he deserved it. NT - Taffy
1:53PM 15/09/2005

Janelle tellin the others how caterers work...the studios gotta feed ya every 6 hours NT - Yesca
1:08PM 15/09/2005

various commercial work Ivette mentioned some kid doin an at&t commercial NT - Yesca
1:09PM 15/09/2005

Janelle is a member @ Trashy lingerie NT - Yesca
1:10PM 15/09/2005

Maggie was Scooby Doo last yr for halloween NT - Yesca
1:10PM 15/09/2005

Ivette hasnt dressed for halloween in 5 yrs tho its her favorite holiday NT - Yesca
1:11PM 15/09/2005

Janelle talkin bout a Micheal Black halloween party w/ adult theme.....cages and revolving dance floor, Layer after layer of cakes had to bring a kid - Yesca
1:14PM 15/09/2005

FISH! NT - californiakim
1:14PM 15/09/2005

Ivette talked of a mansion Madonna lived in that holds the biggest halloween party in Miami NT - Yesca
1:15PM 15/09/2005

Ivette estimate 40-50 min they been outside (1 hour lockdown) NT - Yesca
1:17PM 15/09/2005

Ivette Maggie moving to hammock NT - Yesca
1:19PM 15/09/2005

Maggie wishes the lounge was in the shade...Ivette folding towels on it NT - Yesca
1:20PM 15/09/2005

Ivette wondering what the internet people do Maggie: they watch us sleeping? NT - Yesca
1:22PM 15/09/2005

all sittin arounf the table in the yard NT - Yesca
1:23PM 15/09/2005

Janelle and Ivette talk about the 'freaks' that wtach the feeds. - joannie
1:23PM 15/09/2005

Ivette: I used to laugh all the time in this house....2 hours a day....wouldnt a feild trip be awesome even at 3am NT - Yesca
1:23PM 15/09/2005

Maggie wishing they'd take em for a walk NT - Yesca
1:24PM 15/09/2005

Janelle and Maggie talkinj bout their failed runaway attenpts to the end of the yard NT - Yesca
1:26PM 15/09/2005

Ivette packed backpack w/ juiceboxes and runaway to the backyard NT - Yesca
1:26PM 15/09/2005

they couldnt put an open neon sign in the video store coz it disrupted the mating habits of the frog NT - Yesca
1:27PM 15/09/2005
in Sebastopol NT - Yesca
1:28PM 15/09/2005

Ivette: Ashton Kutcher has webbed feet...Maggie and Janelle didnt wanna know that NT - Yesca
1:29PM 15/09/2005

Rainbow...an underground bar that serves afterhours gotta go to backdoor and knock where Janelle goes after work NT - Yesca
1:30PM 15/09/2005
fronts on washington and backs on Euclid NT - Yesca
1:31PM 15/09/2005

debating the name...Rainbow isnt right NT - Yesca
1:31PM 15/09/2005

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