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Maggie asks Ivette are you going to have an egg with me - caroljean
12:23PM 20/09/2005

Maggie says how good is it going to feel not having a camera - caroljean
12:24PM 20/09/2005

Ivette shuffling over and over and over agin loudly singing I'm not - caroljean
12:26PM 20/09/2005

Maggie did not have cable growing up, didn't watch tv, "it was boring, we - caroljean
12:27PM 20/09/2005

back from fish - Maggie says it's raining and they're wondering about the drilling they heard NT - caroljean
12:31PM 20/09/2005

fish - but who cares - I'm just posting to practice for next summer NT - caroljean
12:34PM 20/09/2005

back from fish - in kitchen - Ivette doing her toenails literally on bar, Maggie says - caroljean
12:42PM 20/09/2005

Maggie eating at bar, Ivette with toes on bar right next to her NT - caroljean
12:43PM 20/09/2005

Maggie is eating at bar. Ivette turned toward her with her foot on the bar doing her toenails..eww...now complaining about Janelle - Diana
12:45PM 20/09/2005

Maggie thinks its funny that Janelle knew there were going to be partners - caroljean
12:47PM 20/09/2005
told one of Janelles friends, think amazing race NT - caroljean
12:49PM 20/09/2005

Ivette now filing fingernails at bar and blowing NT - caroljean
12:48PM 20/09/2005

Maggie finished eating her triscuits and whatever says that was awesome NT - caroljean
12:50PM 20/09/2005

sorry - VanWinkle
12:54PM 20/09/2005

Ivette in bathroom - Maggie vacuuming - NT - caroljean
12:56PM 20/09/2005

Maggie vacuuming living room very thoroughly - Ivette says you - caroljean
1:04PM 20/09/2005

Maggie done vacuuming (I think) - it's sunny outside NT - caroljean
1:05PM 20/09/2005

more vacuuming - cleaning - surely they just must be bored or killing time NT - caroljean
1:09PM 20/09/2005

maggie vacuuming - Ivette says do you want me to vacuum - Maggie - caroljean
1:16PM 20/09/2005

Ivette goes outside - walking around yard - standing by pool NT - caroljean
1:18PM 20/09/2005

After looking at memory wall Maggie tells Ivette, they put our keys back NT - caroljean
1:20PM 20/09/2005

more vacuuming - Ivette in bedroom - maggie says it feels like winter already NT - caroljean
1:22PM 20/09/2005

camera zooms in on Cappy shrine NT - caroljean
1:23PM 20/09/2005

Ivette says three and a half hours we'll be sitting on those chairs, Maggie - caroljean
1:27PM 20/09/2005

Maggie says, Oh my back - she was ironing NT - caroljean
1:27PM 20/09/2005

Ivette explains to Maggie why she's going to shower now , you know what I mean NT - caroljean
1:29PM 20/09/2005

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