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alabbfan Amanda upset at Alex for blaming her for being on block. NT 0 7:30PM 26/02/2008
alabbfan ALL HG's at dinner table. NT 1 7:31PM 26/02/2008
alabbfan Nat says grace NT 1 7:32PM 26/02/2008
alabbfan Each HG saying how they love both couples up for eviction and hard to decide. NT 0 7:33PM 26/02/2008
alabbfan Allison loves Alex, got off on wrong foot w/Amanda, Nat "they broke the mold w/you" LOL NT 0 7:36PM 26/02/2008
alabbfan Chelsia gets choked during Alli speech but ok now NT 0 7:37PM 26/02/2008
alabbfan Josh - look forward to having s*x w/all of u outside the house NT 0 7:38PM 26/02/2008
alabbfan Chelsia to Matt - get a girlfriend and shrink that head down..LOL NT 0 7:40PM 26/02/2008
alabbfan James - As your executioner for the week, love you all. NT 0 7:41PM 26/02/2008
alabbfan As Amanda talks, Alex stares at the table playing w/something. NT 1 7:42PM 26/02/2008
alabbfan Nat cries as she says same - miss everyone and had a great experience NT 0 7:43PM 26/02/2008
alabbfan Matt - Glad to get to know everyone. Amanda will make some guy very happy (Alex rolls eyes) NT 0 7:44PM 26/02/2008
alabbfan Alex to Josh - it I was gay, I'd hang out w/ya. Calls Sharon "mom" of the house NT 0 7:46PM 26/02/2008
alabbfan Amanda appears to be crying the whole time NT 0 7:47PM 26/02/2008
alabbfan Alex compliments Ryan for leaving the pool party, hope Jen sees it. NT 0 7:48PM 26/02/2008
alabbfan Alex respects Sheila for staying straight for her son in this game. That why he didn't hit on her and "not gonna play that card" NT 0 7:50PM 26/02/2008
alabbfan James to Adam outside - Not going to get emotional about it, that what tears the game apart. NT 0 7:52PM 26/02/2008
alabbfan Nat to Matt - glad I got partnered w/you. You taught me to fend for myself and ball bust too. NT 0 7:53PM 26/02/2008
alabbfan Matt - when you get out of here, you'll have a ton of guys after you. NT 0 7:54PM 26/02/2008
alabbfan Someone just called Matt a "cocky whore", he replied Wow, CW NT 0 7:54PM 26/02/2008
alabbfan Alex aplogizes to Amanda. Says ttust is an issue w/him. Honored to partner w/her. NT 0 7:56PM 26/02/2008
alabbfan Amanda still crying - says thanks NT 0 7:57PM 26/02/2008
alabbfan Matt says if anyone ever in Boston to hang out. Natt - you said I wasn't allowed there! NT 0 7:57PM 26/02/2008
WVpdles Adam and James are playing pool NT 0 7:58PM 26/02/2008
alabbfan S/J whispering outside HOH. S -Tonight could change everything NT 0 8:01PM 26/02/2008
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