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scandalous They're talking football, mostly Ali & the guys NT 0 11:47AM 27/02/2008
scandalous Nat just asked, "where is New England, what state?" (ed. omg) NT 0 11:48AM 27/02/2008
scandalous Alli is saying next time they play chess there is no talking, only spectating (b/c the guys helped Ryan beat Alli last night) NT 0 11:53AM 27/02/2008
Sue Amanda to Chel: "Do you have any more candy or anthing up here?" (ed. they have been in HOH for at least an hour now) NT 0 12:00PM 27/02/2008
scandalous HG's are wondering if they're going to call them in to vote like they do on a live broadcast NT 0 12:00PM 27/02/2008
scandalous HG's talking about their pets. Matt has turtles, Nat talking about her dog, multiple convos going on NT 0 12:06PM 27/02/2008
scandalous They are now arguing about whether cats care about their owners vs. dogs NT 0 12:09PM 27/02/2008
scandalous James has put on the headphones & is tuning everyone out NT 0 12:10PM 27/02/2008
scandalous Alli talking about her dog that had cancer, says the chemo treatments were brutal & they had to put him down :( NT 0 12:11PM 27/02/2008
scandalous Returned from flames talking about their parents. Adam says when his mom would yell at him he deserved it, Sheila says she's a tough woman NT 0 12:21PM 27/02/2008
scandalous More family convos causing more flames NT 0 12:22PM 27/02/2008
scandalous 2 feeds flames, 2 feeds DR leak w/ BB staff talking for 2 seconds, then more flames NT 0 12:28PM 27/02/2008
ttowttow Still Flames NT 0 1:20PM 27/02/2008
suzanne0909 They're back, Matt and Allison talking NT 0 1:40PM 27/02/2008
arete Ryan reads a verse from the bible and says "Moses was gangsta" (ed Jameka? lol) NT 0 1:46PM 27/02/2008
Zorastro J/S talking to Ali in SR, she got p'd and left. Sharon trying to calm down Joshuah. NT 0 2:09PM 27/02/2008
nmbeach J/S still talking in storage room. Sharon wants Josh to apologize to Allison so she won't put them on the block if 0 2:17PM 27/02/2008
nmbeach Almost everyone standing around counter talking about the vote must be live. Everyone already dressed for the show. NT 0 2:22PM 27/02/2008
Drew james, chelsia, and nat guessing that tonight's eviction voting will be live NT 0 2:23PM 27/02/2008
Drew sheila and allison talking about allison's weird food habits 0 2:25PM 27/02/2008
Drew Amanda and Allison examining Chelsia's mouth for cavities (LOL) 0 2:26PM 27/02/2008
alanis Guinea Pig on all feeds NT 0 2:32PM 27/02/2008
Ilovetwins A red guinea pig's butt is in lower right corner of feeds. Now he or she is having a meal. NT 0 2:36PM 27/02/2008
ttowttow Still Guinea Pigs NT 0 3:07PM 27/02/2008
SouthernBelladonna trivia NT 0 3:10PM 27/02/2008
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