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CruiseCritic Josh holding cow close to his chest and sitting on the couch outside the HOH room. 0 4:14AM 05/03/2008
WVpdles josh back inside the HoH room, crawls in bed, sharon wakes up and she asks what time is it. 0 4:19AM 05/03/2008
CruiseCritic Josh unlocks HOH room and gets into bed and lays down this time 0 4:20AM 05/03/2008
WVpdles Ryan and James are tossing a lot. Josh is awake but still laying down as before. NT 0 4:42AM 05/03/2008
pooh5983 3 cams are on the hoh room and one on other HG. 0 5:22AM 05/03/2008
KennyN All houseguests still sleeping. NT 0 6:19AM 05/03/2008
JLPrinzess James and Chelsia moving around on feeds 2&4... 0 6:56AM 05/03/2008
JimAndJanet Flames...wake up time? NT 0 8:01AM 05/03/2008
JimAndJanet Josh in downstairs bathroom NT 0 8:09AM 05/03/2008
JimAndJanet Josh "i was up till four am" NT 0 8:11AM 05/03/2008
JimAndJanet they are on inside lock down....josh opens sliding door and puts his ear to the shade covering what is going on outside NT 0 8:12AM 05/03/2008
JimAndJanet josh to sharon "well the siren hasn't got me yet, everything is right on plan, i am so exhausted and stressed out..not even funny" NT 0 8:13AM 05/03/2008
JimAndJanet Shower time for josh NT 0 8:24AM 05/03/2008
JLPrinzess Flames NT 0 8:27AM 05/03/2008
echo josh and sheila in kitchen. josh says he feels like hes on the block too. 0 8:48AM 05/03/2008
echo feeds switch to pink bedroom..matt seen layin accross bed..adam getting dressed NT 0 8:49AM 05/03/2008
echo adam appears to be finishing his convo going on at all NT 0 8:51AM 05/03/2008
echo flames NT 0 8:51AM 05/03/2008
echo feeds back...still in pink room...adam conts to pack...matt just watching and appears to be in deep thought NT 0 8:53AM 05/03/2008
JimAndJanet BB asking ev one to change their batteries..matt on the bed still sleepy, but awake. Ryan finishing up his packing NT 1 8:56AM 05/03/2008
echo matt jokingly tells adam hes going to ***** with him all day and adam will have no idea how they vote NT 0 9:02AM 05/03/2008
echo allison shown in her room getting dressed......flames NT 0 9:04AM 05/03/2008
lilbitty 10 minutes ago. Chelsia was in Sauna room with Sheila w/ her hands on Sheila's shoulders.. 0 9:14AM 05/03/2008
JimAndJanet Feeds back....Ryan and Matt NT 0 9:21AM 05/03/2008
JimAndJanet Ryan already dressed for the evictions...dressed nice NT 0 9:22AM 05/03/2008
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