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scandalous Josh goes to talk to Chels, saying Matt got up to go to the WC to check if Chels went upstairs to talk to Ryan... 0 12:48AM 09/03/2008
scandalous Josh said Matt actually woke Sheila up to tell her sorry about the water incident earlier, Chels & Josh think this means that Matt's really worried NT 0 12:51AM 09/03/2008
scandalous Josh & Chels talking about Nat's cheat sheet & they're mad that BB let her keep it that long. They're still listening to see if HOH shower is done NT 0 12:52AM 09/03/2008
scandalous Shower's off: J says give it 5 min., Chels says 2. They debate if they should be in the KT so he can see them on the screen... 0 12:54AM 09/03/2008
scandalous Jo & Chels raggin' on Nat, then Chels is off to the HOH. Josh says "may the force be with you, go little red riding hood. I'll be waiting" NT 0 12:56AM 09/03/2008
scandalous Ryan opens the door to Chels telling her she caught him "totally in the middle of a jerk session" NT 0 12:57AM 09/03/2008
scandalous Ryan starts to say they really haven't been talking game during the day, then FLAMES NT 0 12:57AM 09/03/2008
scandalous Return to Chels asking if Ryan has told Adam anything, he says not really. Chels asks if he wants her & James to do it, Ryan said that's cool NT 0 12:58AM 09/03/2008
scandalous Chels said Ryan is in a really good position. She comments that Nat will go next & that Nat said she'd vote for Matt either way & how she's... 0 1:00AM 09/03/2008
scandalous Chels asks if Ryan is worried, if he needs to give an explanation, she comments that there is security in the house & if .... 0 1:01AM 09/03/2008
scandalous After Chels leaves, Ryan kind of mumbling...that's bs...let them turn on themselves...he's playing with his remote NT 0 1:02AM 09/03/2008
folieadeux8381 Chelsia went to the HoH room to talk to Ryan 0 1:04AM 09/03/2008
scandalous Chels, Josh & James in SR, Chels reporting that Ryan said he's gonna say that there's too many people telling me stuff... 0 1:04AM 09/03/2008
scandalous Chels says that Ryan was looking nervous about putting his boy up, Josh starts stating that they (Jo/Ja/C/Sha) control the votes (Adam & Sheila) NT 0 1:06AM 09/03/2008
scandalous Josh reassuring himself saying that he also brought up that M/N are not mental & the HOH comps are always mental NT 0 1:07AM 09/03/2008
scandalous Chels states that Ryan is worried about Matt going apesh*t, and that he can't believe that everyone in the house wants Matt out NT 0 1:08AM 09/03/2008
scandalous James asked if Chels got a good vibe, & Chels says yes. NT 0 1:09AM 09/03/2008
scandalous SR meeting breaks up, all 3 looking happy & relieved; Jo & Chels to bed, Ja to WC NT 0 1:10AM 09/03/2008
scandalous Feed 1 on Pink Room, Feed 2 on Sheila, Feeds 3 & 4 on Red Room NT 0 1:11AM 09/03/2008
scandalous James brushing teeth in WC & making faces NT 0 1:14AM 09/03/2008
scandalous James gives a passing glance to the GP's & gets in bed NT 0 1:16AM 09/03/2008
scandalous Ja & Chels cuddle & giggle but can't hear them; Adam is doing his nightly restless routine NT 0 1:18AM 09/03/2008
scandalous Sheila appears to be sleeping in her bra & undies as the only alternative to wearing the leotard to bed; cam 4 shows Ryan in bed NT 0 1:21AM 09/03/2008
scandalous Can hear some squeaking from Ja/Chels' bed, but the cam is no longer on them NT 0 1:21AM 09/03/2008
scandalous OK, cams back to Ja/Chels who are kissing & flirting NT 0 1:22AM 09/03/2008
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