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streetsense james saying sharon not campaigning --- NT 0 2:25PM 10/03/2008
streetsense james says you worried about me winning HOH ill throw it NT 0 2:26PM 10/03/2008
BB_Addiction natalie, sheila and sharon in kitchen on f1 and 2. Nat telling sheila and sharon if she wins HoH they are safe. 0 2:26PM 10/03/2008
streetsense adam says "its all a crap shoot jimmy" NT 0 2:26PM 10/03/2008
streetsense matt says well talk later ----james said hell turn off thing w/ chelsia completely NT 0 2:28PM 10/03/2008
streetsense james saying he wants to be here--wants to play---doesnt want to go to sequester by himself NT 0 2:28PM 10/03/2008
BB_Addiction Chelsia comes into kitchen and tries the slop waffle. She likes it and is now eating it. NT 0 2:29PM 10/03/2008
BB_Addiction Nat talking about how her granpa calls everybody "Nancy". NT 0 2:29PM 10/03/2008
BB_Addiction F1 now on Ryan and Josh in BY laying down. Chelsia brings them the slop waffle.. they all like it NT 0 2:31PM 10/03/2008
streetsense james telling matt about operation "crooked eye" NT 0 2:32PM 10/03/2008
streetsense james saying i air my dirty laundry on tv "does anybody even know anything about sharon" NT 0 2:33PM 10/03/2008
BB_Addiction james, matt and adam all trying slop waffle. all say that its not that bad. NT 0 2:34PM 10/03/2008
streetsense chelsia comes out gives james a slop something NT 0 2:35PM 10/03/2008
streetsense james saying if he has to take out those 2 to stay he will NT 0 2:36PM 10/03/2008
CruiseCritic Ryan just whispering to Josh on double lounger about James flip-flopping 0 2:37PM 10/03/2008
streetsense james asking if sharons talked to him about her staying--matt pauses--then says no NT 0 2:37PM 10/03/2008
streetsense james saying it will take target off your back --adam chelsia ryan just eavesdropping NT 0 2:38PM 10/03/2008
CruiseCritic Josh asks Sharon who she told she would put up Adam & Ryan if she gets HOH 0 2:39PM 10/03/2008
streetsense james to matt---i can be alot more useful NT 0 2:39PM 10/03/2008
streetsense matt saying you picked a side---james saying ya but its same people that put me in the situation you know? NT 0 2:40PM 10/03/2008
CruiseCritic Sharon says she is going to talk to Matt tonight bc Matt says there is a better chance 0 2:40PM 10/03/2008
streetsense ryan adam matt james playing pool---ryan just won 1st game on break NT 1 2:41PM 10/03/2008
streetsense adam saying "this was a press conference" NT 0 2:41PM 10/03/2008
CruiseCritic Josh says he apolgized to Natalie to keep the peace. Sharon says that 0 2:43PM 10/03/2008
CruiseCritic Sharon saying that herself, Sheila, Chels and Josh could control the whole house and he needs 0 2:44PM 10/03/2008
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