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DanaRose Sharon named GPs Spoiled /big one, Spaz/little one. NT 0 8:18PM 14/03/2008
lakeview Sharon/Josh in pullout bedroom. Adam/Ryan walk in (more) 0 8:20PM 14/03/2008
cindytexas Nat just said when she gets out and goes home she's going to be THE celebrity of Oregon. NT 0 8:22PM 14/03/2008
BBFanChelle Matt and Adam in Pink BR reading bibles. NT 0 8:33PM 14/03/2008
BBFanChelle Sharon and Ryan talking about restaurant she works at. Christina... 0 8:34PM 14/03/2008
rg1 sharon and nat talking about sequester in bathroom 1 8:40PM 14/03/2008
artqueen5 Someone is snoring...who i dont know? NT 0 8:41PM 14/03/2008
Brendabythebay Ryan tells Sheila he doesnt like that she used the "ryan won 10G" card against him 1 8:48PM 14/03/2008
Brendabythebay Sheila tells Ryan she didn't use the money card against him it just popped out to Nat and she wouldnt lie. NT 0 8:50PM 14/03/2008
rg1 Sharon and Matt talking about Bible 0 8:50PM 14/03/2008
rg1 Sharon has to pee but doesn't want to go to the bathroom. Sheila is yelling at Ryan in the bathroom NT 0 9:00PM 14/03/2008
Brendabythebay Sheila is still trying to explain to Ryan that Nat upset her when she said she had to think about 0 9:01PM 14/03/2008
Brendabythebay Sheila: I'm not doing it to get votes its just what is natural to me. Its what I'm invested in. 0 9:02PM 14/03/2008
rg1 Ryan says that he's also established relationships with people. 0 9:04PM 14/03/2008
rg1 Chelsia and Nat talking about Sheila and how she's 0 9:06PM 14/03/2008
Brendabythebay Ryan telling Matt/Adam in BY about the whole Sheila convo and Sheila talking to Chels inside about it. NT 0 9:09PM 14/03/2008
Brendabythebay HGs just found wine/beer in SR. (Nat found it and runs & tells them) NT 0 9:13PM 14/03/2008
KevSlider The HGs got Alcohol...prepare for some fun!! NT 0 9:14PM 14/03/2008
erin33520 Nat totally corked that wine NT 0 9:15PM 14/03/2008
JanJan Ryan and Josh in storage room talking stratgy. 0 9:19PM 14/03/2008
rg1 Girls are in hot tub drinking wine (except Sharon who doesn't drink) talking about the Ryan\Sheila heated convo earlier. 0 9:43PM 14/03/2008
rg1 Sheila says she's not playing that card again (single mom, could've used 10G's) 0 9:45PM 14/03/2008
Brendabythebay Ryan tells Sheila he's not running around talking bad about her behind her back (in front of everyone in the BY). 0 9:48PM 14/03/2008
KineGirl Ryan keeps saying "Fine lets squash it" about the Sheila 10G 0 9:49PM 14/03/2008
JanJan Most HG's in Backyard 0 9:49PM 14/03/2008
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