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realitydoll James is stoked to talk to Julie this week. Josh mimicks julie "so james, how does it feel to win hoh and POV? NT 0 2:25PM 16/03/2008
realitydoll Chelsea working Shelia hard (you can hear james saying that) with helping shelia. NT 0 2:25PM 16/03/2008
realitydoll C is showing Sh how to swing mallet. It keeps going the wrong way...Chelsea working it hard to befreind shelia NT 0 2:26PM 16/03/2008
realitydoll C asks if anyone is left handed in the house. Sharon (in bg) answers NO. (ed. I game play going on feeds right now- 4 feeds on this) NT 0 2:28PM 16/03/2008
SouthernBelladonna Matt to James: Damn, you won. NT 0 2:30PM 16/03/2008
SouthernBelladonna Matt saying he knows how James felt last week. That he just wanted his birthday on TV. 0 2:32PM 16/03/2008
SouthernBelladonna James giving Matt advice on who to work to get votes. 0 2:34PM 16/03/2008
SouthernBelladonna Matt again asking why James didn't leave Sheila on the block. 0 2:36PM 16/03/2008
SouthernBelladonna Matt tells James that if he votes to keep him there, he will work with him. NT 0 2:37PM 16/03/2008
realitydoll Feed switched to SR. Matty is crying. James says it's not easy. Mat says he will be in sequester on his Bday. He apologizes 0 2:38PM 16/03/2008
realitydoll Matt says he wants to work with James...he will f nat over. James says to get the votes and come to him NT 1 2:38PM 16/03/2008
realitydoll Matt wants to know why not put josh up? (ed. lol) NT 0 2:39PM 16/03/2008
SouthernBelladonna Matt says he will f**k Nat over if he has to. James again telling him to get the votes and come to him. 0 2:40PM 16/03/2008
SouthernBelladonna Matt says he'll tell Sheila that he will go after Nat to get her vote. 0 2:43PM 16/03/2008
realitydoll James says it's the stupidest thing in BB history to vote someone back, after they just evicted him. Matt is saying he gave up his love for this game 0 2:50PM 16/03/2008
Brendabythebay Matt now lays down in bed with Chels and crying to her that he's gonna spend his bday alone in sequester AND 0 2:50PM 16/03/2008
SouthernBelladonna Matt is now talking to Chel. He is still sniffling. 0 2:50PM 16/03/2008
Brendabythebay Matt to Chels: Hows Josh lookin? Chels: He hasnt said anything in all honesty. NT 0 2:50PM 16/03/2008
SouthernBelladonna Josh and Shar are telling Sheila that she will be a target. Sheila saying she has to win the HOH. NT 0 2:51PM 16/03/2008
Brendabythebay Matt: *sniffle* Please dont vote me out. Seriously. Chels: I'm just gonna sit on it. I'm not saying one way or the other. 0 2:51PM 16/03/2008
Brendabythebay Matt & Chels 0 2:53PM 16/03/2008
SouthernBelladonna Sheila says she thought it would be better if Adam was up, but now she sees that Matt is better to break things up. 0 2:53PM 16/03/2008
Brendabythebay Matt tells Chels he gave up real love for this, for tv, Chels says that real love is backing someone up 0 2:55PM 16/03/2008
SouthernBelladonna Sheila and Sharon are still talking by the HT. 0 2:56PM 16/03/2008
SouthernBelladonna Sharon and Sheila still talking. 1 3:02PM 16/03/2008
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