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Sheila says she didnt go to grandmas funeral cause she didnt want the funeral to be last memory - raindrop110475
7:06PM 21/03/2008

Sheila just said her grandma was in a nursing home because she was violent. NT - cindytexas
7:06PM 21/03/2008
She had Alzheimers Disease NT - DanaRose
7:18PM 21/03/2008

Sheila says this makes her think of her son and her family, if anything happened to them while she was in here.... NT - cindytexas
7:07PM 21/03/2008

Ryan asks Sheila if she knew Allison was a swinger. She seems shocked and says no, where did you hear that? - cindytexas
7:16PM 21/03/2008

Ryan staying in the room swapping stories with Sheila. They are going to keep his grandfathers death between the two of them. The talk now turns - Suzan
7:16PM 21/03/2008

Sheila asks Ryan if he's heard the rumor about Nat and Matt, that she heard it from Chelsia. - cindytexas
7:18PM 21/03/2008
. - Suzan
7:19PM 21/03/2008
Sheila asked Ryan about the rumor about Nat and Matt. Ryan confirmed that it was true. - cindytexas
7:42PM 21/03/2008

Ryan and Sheila leave the bedroom. Josh immediately goes to Ryan to ask what was going on - they suggest - Suzan
7:24PM 21/03/2008
Chelsia told Josh what she said when he left in a joking manner. She was laughing about it. NT - cindytexas
7:30PM 21/03/2008

During Sheila's talk with Ryan, she said Chelsia called Nat out about her thing with Matt (BJ)and Nat denied it. - cindytexas
7:27PM 21/03/2008

All feeds on Josh/Chelsia/James - making jokes about game, Chelsia giving up, sequester, wrap party NT - Suzan
7:27PM 21/03/2008

James/Josh/Chelsia in BR joking around. When Chelsia gets up to leave she mocks being on the block and then proceeds to - Suzan
7:37PM 21/03/2008

All feeds still on BR with J/C/J. Someone has made a big pot of Mac & Cheese. After putting the clothes on the floor - Suzan
7:42PM 21/03/2008

Feeds show kitchen with everyone (sans J/J/C) eating dinner at the table. Discussing ages, general chit chat. NT - Suzan
7:49PM 21/03/2008

Ryan and Adam outside. Ryan says Shiela is going off and saying Sharon's not going on the block. - cindytexas
7:57PM 21/03/2008

Nat, Sheila and Sharon at table talking. Nat talking very fast, bad mouthing Chelsia again. - cindytexas
7:59PM 21/03/2008

Nat is saying that Matty would never risk losing his ex-girlfriend for anyone except her, that he would never risk that for Chelsia. NT - cindytexas
8:00PM 21/03/2008

Adam and Ryan talk about not liking Sheila and that she is a burnt offering (sacrifical) - Gorf
8:03PM 21/03/2008

Nat is still talking about Chelsia, saying that she's just jealous. NT - cindytexas
8:04PM 21/03/2008

Sheila/Nat/Sharon..Sheila saying it does not pay to be nasty. Sheila saying Jen & Amanda calling her out about her breast. - kandio
8:12PM 21/03/2008

Chelsia, Josh and James joking and laughing, teasing with Chelsia about her leaving. NT - cindytexas
8:12PM 21/03/2008

Adam just told Natalie that James offered him three weeks safety if he would put Nat on the block. - cindytexas
8:20PM 21/03/2008

Nat says James is an idiot if he thinks Adam would trust him and put her up. - cindytexas
8:21PM 21/03/2008

Nat just told Adam the reason why she didn't play in POV this week is because God wants her to win HOH next time and get James out herself. NT - cindytexas
8:27PM 21/03/2008

The HG's just got beer and wine. NT - cindytexas
8:30PM 21/03/2008

Nat and Adam still in HOH talking about how important it is for their side to win HOH this week. - cindytexas
8:31PM 21/03/2008
And less than 30 minutes ago Nat was telling Sheila how Chels asked Nat to pray for her to win POV (or HOH?) - Shannon72
8:54PM 21/03/2008

James in the DR, S/S/N/C/Josh in the Hottub random talking. A/R working out NT - Gorf
8:42PM 21/03/2008

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