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nat.sharon in sheila still in bathroom ,sharon tallking about erh military family.sheila asking about military funerals 21 gun salute. NT - sunflower721
9:59AM 26/03/2008

now nat and sheila talking about when they die they want to be cremated.sharon said they already bought spots for her family ,including sharon and - sunflower721
10:03AM 26/03/2008

Nat/Sheila/Sharon talking about burial options. - urban_treasure
10:03AM 26/03/2008

now sharon talking about her white toy poodle she has when she was little names cocoa,and that it was hard on family when she died. NT - sunflower721
10:07AM 26/03/2008

Natalie was jealous of her baby sister when she was born, - urban_treasure
10:07AM 26/03/2008

LOL nat telling girls that when BB crew was at her house to do video her dog sampson pooed while in front of cameraman,sheila says cesar the dog - sunflower721
10:09AM 26/03/2008

Nat will leave house with head held high. Sheila as well. - urban_treasure
10:12AM 26/03/2008

Natalie blowdrying hair talking to Shelia... NT - Oak1984
10:18AM 26/03/2008

Correction....Sharon blowdrying, Natalie straightening NT - Oak1984
10:20AM 26/03/2008

sharon is blowdrying her hair,nat is flat ironing her hair ,sheila on couch,nat wondering if HOH comp going to be physical (its not ed.)sharon says - sunflower721
10:23AM 26/03/2008

sharon out of bathroom,nat and sheila next to each other talking,nat telling sheila about bible passage she was reading.(sheila is getting over the - sunflower721
10:29AM 26/03/2008

Nat "My ex is probably so glad Matty's gone." Sheila "My ex is probably so glad Alex didn't come back as a single." NT - urban_treasure
10:35AM 26/03/2008

sheila and nat still in WC, talking about hair products.... NT - sunflower721
10:37AM 26/03/2008

Natalie has now been doing hair/make up for about 2 hours. No sign of the end yet. Boring chit chat between her and Sheila about periods. NT - erin33520
10:40AM 26/03/2008

nat and sheila now talking about how they are on same menstration cycle...then flames NT - sunflower721
10:41AM 26/03/2008

FLAMES NT - genx
10:42AM 26/03/2008

have to say 2 hours later Nat's Hair looks great!! NT - aprw
10:42AM 26/03/2008

all 4 feeds on Nat brushing teeth NT - kamzer
10:43AM 26/03/2008

feeds back all on guess who ? nat and sheila,nat just finished brushing teeth and then applied lipstick AGAIN!!LOL NT - sunflower721
10:44AM 26/03/2008

Sheila dressing in the Blue room NT - genx
10:44AM 26/03/2008

Chel cooking breakfast and Sheila getting coffee in KT NT - genx
10:45AM 26/03/2008

sheila now in KT making coffee.they are on lockdown bec ause the sliding glass door is pitch black. - sunflower721
10:47AM 26/03/2008

james and josh in bed awake talking about hoh comp. NT - sunflower721
10:50AM 26/03/2008

James and Josh still in their beds talking to Sharon in the Red room. NT - genx
10:50AM 26/03/2008

Chel just bought James bkfst in bed Sharon talking to Josh about her dream in her screeching voice NT - kamzer
10:52AM 26/03/2008

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