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BellaEllaElla nat: "how creative was god to make oranges?" no one answers NT 0 2:32PM 31/03/2008
cindapea Josh in kitchen: starring at smoe meat on the counter.. NT 0 2:32PM 31/03/2008
Laura Nat, Sharon, Shelia and Adam talking in BY, Josh In Deep Thought In KT NT 0 2:33PM 31/03/2008
Laura Josh has a plate of pizza in front of him NT 0 2:34PM 31/03/2008
DanaRose Josh hysterical crying NT 0 2:35PM 31/03/2008
Laura josh is crying he want to eat NT 0 2:35PM 31/03/2008
Laura Josh was called to DR, adam telling to go DR Adam helping Josh Out NT 0 2:36PM 31/03/2008
cindapea Josh is fake crying in the kitchen.. (Looking to stay/looking for attention I think) NT 0 2:37PM 31/03/2008
DanaRose Josh completely losing it, crying and hugging Adam, saying I just wanna eat, I just wanna stay, Im all by myself in here,,,, 0 2:38PM 31/03/2008
DanaRose Adam gives Josh a hug and a kiss on the back of the head, Adam now teary, feels bad for Josh NT 0 2:39PM 31/03/2008
Laura Josh and Adam talking about how rough it is but the plate of pizza close by Josh crying again NT 0 2:40PM 31/03/2008
DanaRose Josh saying its all just compounding, slop, cant sleep, bed sucks, DR keeps telling him to campaign, campaign, and i dont wanna against my partner... 0 2:43PM 31/03/2008
DanaRose Josh said this place is like prison with props! NT 0 2:45PM 31/03/2008
wyattsmommy Adam says to josh he is worried he won't have a job after this for saying "reatrds" on TV!! NT 0 2:47PM 31/03/2008
DanaRose Josh saying I love pizza! (hasnt touched it yet though) NT 0 2:48PM 31/03/2008
Laura Adam said I didn't notice the pizza in front of you 0 2:48PM 31/03/2008
Laura Adam And Josh going to play pool now NT 0 2:50PM 31/03/2008
DanaRose Adam asks Josh if he wants to play a game of pool, Josh says 0 2:51PM 31/03/2008
Laura Girls talking and Josh and Adam playing pool in BY, Ryan and James In Bed NT 0 2:54PM 31/03/2008
WhatdoIKnow Gotta love it, BB: Adam, smoking is permitted on the patio only...thing is, Adam's not smoking lol NT 0 2:56PM 31/03/2008
Laura BB VOICE Adam smoking allow on patio area, Adam wasnt even smoking by the pool table NT 0 2:56PM 31/03/2008
Laura Josh told Nat what happen with the pizza Josh wanting to eat NT 0 3:02PM 31/03/2008
BlueMoonStarr Josh just told Nat he asked DR about eating, they said it would be 0 3:02PM 31/03/2008
Laura Adam And Nat Talking In KT About Josh Trying To Make Deals 0 3:07PM 31/03/2008
BlueMoonStarr Nat telling Adam she doesn't care how he & Ryan vote, just vote together 0 3:07PM 31/03/2008
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