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harleyinlv All HG's asleep in their beds NT 0 7:25AM 01/04/2008
ghostman Lights in the half walls came on.....Must be going to wake them up soon! NT 0 8:35AM 01/04/2008
echo josh in sr wearing red unitard putting on black boots NT 0 9:04AM 01/04/2008
echo josh put on black shorts and primping hair in wc NT 0 9:06AM 01/04/2008
echo josh now putting on the blue super hero gloves in kitchen 0 9:11AM 01/04/2008
echo josh has the white goggles on, getting coffee and then flames NT 0 9:15AM 01/04/2008
echo josh now with a ***** eating grin on his face putting on mic in spa NT 0 9:16AM 01/04/2008
harleyinlv Josh in KT making iced tea and drinking coffee NT 0 9:21AM 01/04/2008
echo josh is now in the by with coffee by hot tub, flames NT 0 9:25AM 01/04/2008
harleyinlv Josh goes to the BY, checks out the pool, removes the orange ball from hottub, FLAMES NT 0 9:25AM 01/04/2008
harleyinlv Josh changes batteries has trouble with Battery pack belt and gloves checks 0 9:35AM 01/04/2008
harleyinlv Still FLAMES, must be wake up time NT 0 9:37AM 01/04/2008
harleyinlv Feeds were back for a minute Nat Sheila and Sharon were begging for one more (dance?) Back to FLAMES (ed Encore) NT 0 9:51AM 01/04/2008
harleyinlv Feeds back Nat She Shar Ry Josh in KT rtalking about songs and laughing NT 0 9:56AM 01/04/2008
harleyinlv She Ry discussing "Man in the Mirror" James Adam still in bed NT 0 9:58AM 01/04/2008
harleyinlv Sheila telling Nat and Sharon that James was still up at 6 when she got up to 0 10:03AM 01/04/2008
harleyinlv James Adam still sleeping Josh back in bed Ryan Sheila talking about last day of slop NT 0 10:05AM 01/04/2008
harleyinlv Rtan in KT drinking protein shake out of jar, Sheila brushing teeth, Sharon in Shower NT 0 10:09AM 01/04/2008
harleyinlv After eating some of the "slop cake" James made, Ryan goes in BY and lays on lounger NT 0 10:14AM 01/04/2008
harleyinlv Nat Sheila and Sharon in WC getting dressed etc. discussing April Fools day NT 0 10:19AM 01/04/2008
harleyinlv Ryan tells nat she always dresses nice and she says She has to she only has a few young cute years left 0 10:23AM 01/04/2008
harleyinlv General Chit chat about shampp and strong coffee between Sheila Nat and Ryan 0 10:26AM 01/04/2008
harleyinlv F3 and F4 showing James and Josh sleeping NT 0 10:27AM 01/04/2008
harleyinlv Ryan called to DR Girls still talking abot Oregon in WC while getting dressed etc FLAMES NT 0 10:31AM 01/04/2008
harleyinlv Girls are whipsering about what Sharon overheard James saying last night 0 10:36AM 01/04/2008
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