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mdr4 Ryan: Bam Sheila you are going to win your first game ever 0 11:18AM 02/04/2008
mdr4 Ryan makes Sheila laugh at what he's saying to her. NT 0 11:19AM 02/04/2008
mdr4 James hops on the bed with Adam 0 11:21AM 02/04/2008
mdr4 Ryan is cracking Sheila up. 0 11:22AM 02/04/2008
mdr4 Everybody is talking, except for Josh he's sleeping NT 0 11:23AM 02/04/2008
mdr4 Natalie, James, and Adam talking about the CD Natalie has 0 11:26AM 02/04/2008
mdr4 James says he could go for some "Beastie Boys" right now NT 0 11:27AM 02/04/2008
mdr4 James tells Ryan his eyes look as bad as his right now with bags 0 11:30AM 02/04/2008
mdr4 Talk about somebody being in funny he is 0 11:33AM 02/04/2008
mdr4 Sheila told Nat she did a great job on Sharon's hair. NT 0 11:35AM 02/04/2008
mdr4 James said he feels like we are going swimming today. 0 11:38AM 02/04/2008
mdr4 James starts talking about a gross thing on utube 0 11:40AM 02/04/2008
mdr4 Josh gets up off floor gets in bed with Sheila, J/Sh/A/R playing cards NT 0 11:44AM 02/04/2008
susooz Nat is packing up her stuff -keeps looking at her puppy & saying how much she is gonna miss him NT 0 12:08PM 02/04/2008
susooz A/R/Sharon/James playing cards, Josh & Sheila laying in the bed ,Nat just rambling -Flames NT 0 12:11PM 02/04/2008
Stella222 FLAMES NT 0 12:11PM 02/04/2008
susooz Feed back NT 0 12:12PM 02/04/2008
Harley08 Sharon looking for shoes NT 0 12:13PM 02/04/2008
susooz Lockdown over- She& Josh help Nat carry out her bags of stuff NT 0 12:13PM 02/04/2008
susooz group finished card game now leaving HOH NT 0 12:15PM 02/04/2008
susooz Nat still moving stuf - said can't have pictures -then says back to the common folk -lol NT 0 12:18PM 02/04/2008
susooz Sharon trying to get back in HOH but the door is locked now & won't open - Nat again says "back with the common folk" NT 0 12:21PM 02/04/2008
camera12 Nat moving her stuff back to pink room. NT 0 12:22PM 02/04/2008
dustytissue Natalie and Sheila by bathroom talking about Nat's outfit. Then Nat goes to whisper with Adam. 2 12:23PM 02/04/2008
dustytissue Nat jokes that she's afraid to hop in Adam's bed, saying there will be drool and pubes. 0 12:26PM 02/04/2008
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