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HGs sleeping, Adam spread eagle across entire HOH bed! NT - DanaRose
5:07AM 03/04/2008

HG's still sleeping NT - bb9lover
8:27AM 03/04/2008

flames NT - echo
8:32AM 03/04/2008

ryans up in boat room asked to exchange mic from bb, sheila in wc in black robe, NT - echo
8:59AM 03/04/2008

flames NT - emmasmom23
9:04AM 03/04/2008

adam in bed with sheets over face, sheila and ryan are making breakfast NT - echo
9:05AM 03/04/2008

sheila and ryan discuss how to make scrambled eggs, flames NT - echo
9:08AM 03/04/2008

sharon up in wc, nat gettin dressed, ryan and sheila still in kitchen NT - echo
9:10AM 03/04/2008

nat still groggy sayin she had the best sleep annoyed its just after 9 am, flames NT - echo
9:12AM 03/04/2008

sharon cuttin carrots for the furrrends, nat in wc adam still covered in bed, ryan eating NT - echo
9:15AM 03/04/2008

sheila eating eggs and a bagel, sharon toasting bagel, nat in wc gettin ready NT - echo
9:20AM 03/04/2008

sheila laughin tellin sharon that nat tol her the boys switched her mattress a few days ago NT - echo
9:27AM 03/04/2008

sheila says nat is not capable of being mean to anyone NT - echo
9:28AM 03/04/2008

as they eat breakfat they discuss seafood they miss, james and adam still in bed NT - echo
9:31AM 03/04/2008

nat called to dr, quick glimpse of her on dr couch, sheila discussing the fish veto way back when NT - echo
9:34AM 03/04/2008

ryan joking nat will be on slop this week, ryan called to dr NT - echo
9:36AM 03/04/2008

quick audi leek with ryan sayin goodmornin in dr, girls discuss old comps, sheila says if you aint first , nothing else matters - echo
9:38AM 03/04/2008

sheila puttin on makeup in wc, ryan, adam, nat &sharon still in kitchen - echo
9:48AM 03/04/2008

Adam screams Ahhhhh!! at Ryan with mouth wide open and cameraman flashes to fish with mouth wide open also. (ED. lol) NT - Rubykins
9:51AM 03/04/2008

ryan sayin baller loves himself , sharon just called adam babe, ryan says hes gettin jacked - echo
9:51AM 03/04/2008

flames due them singing coffee commercial NT - echo
9:53AM 03/04/2008

Sheila said ALex makes best coffee.. - Rubykins
9:54AM 03/04/2008

kitchen chat conts, they talk about alex and say hes mature for his age, adam says hes tried hooking sheila up with guys in the house NT - echo
9:55AM 03/04/2008

nat still denying bjs with matt, ryan says we will see when we get out - echo
9:57AM 03/04/2008

****Adult***Nat says she was only making out with matt under the sheets and - Rubykins
9:59AM 03/04/2008

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