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Nat does not want to give up. Sheila saying she'll stay up there all friggin night to see a pic of her son and get a letter from family. NT - BigBrotherLuvR
8:51PM 09/04/2008

HoH Comp now at 180 Min. NT - admiral
8:51PM 09/04/2008

Nat says the positive of not winning this week would be able to play for HoH next week. She still hasn't dropped. - folieadeux8381
8:52PM 09/04/2008

Nat is asking Baller what to do. Sheila says she wants the letter and the pics with HoH. - folieadeux8381
8:53PM 09/04/2008

Nat says the nice part of her wants to give it to her, but the fire part of her doesn't want to drop! NT - folieadeux8381
8:55PM 09/04/2008

Sheila says winning would be the ultimate birthday present. NT - folieadeux8381
8:56PM 09/04/2008

Natalie keeps weighing out the positives and negatives. - folieadeux8381
8:58PM 09/04/2008

Nat drops! Sheila HOH!! NT - BigBrotherLuvR
9:00PM 09/04/2008

Natalie dropped. Sheila has won HoH!!! - folieadeux8381
9:00PM 09/04/2008

Sheila's HOH!! NT - twmmom
9:00PM 09/04/2008

Nat suddenly drops out of her glass house and Sheila wins HOH in a time of 3 hours, 8 minutes! NT - ktan
9:00PM 09/04/2008

HoH Comp Over at 189 Min. Nat. Drops. Shiela Wins HoH. NT - admiral
9:01PM 09/04/2008

Sheila is crying. She's happy, but she also cracked a tooth! She said she needs dental surgery. (lol) - folieadeux8381
9:02PM 09/04/2008
Sheila "lost" a tooth she keeps saying NT - Rubykins
9:04PM 09/04/2008

Everyone seems happy for Sheila. NT - folieadeux8381
9:03PM 09/04/2008

Ryan told Baller about Deal, Nattie joins ... - Toka
9:08PM 09/04/2008

To clarify - Nat gave Sheila the HoH, she kept repeating that - Starlady
9:11PM 09/04/2008

Sheila to DR. Jumps up and runs to DR with her tooth chunk in a zip-lock baggie. NT - BigBrotherLuvR
9:13PM 09/04/2008

Ryan just told Adam that Sheila and Nat didn't make a deal. (ed: lie) NT - cindytexas
9:16PM 09/04/2008

Ryan told Adam that if he wins POV this week, he will take him off. And he has his vote. NT - cindytexas
9:16PM 09/04/2008

Ryan and Baller at Chessboard and Ryan - Toka
9:16PM 09/04/2008

Adam playing with the chess table. Sharon/Nat in KT. Sheila in DR. Ryan in Bedroom? NT - BigBrotherLuvR
9:17PM 09/04/2008

Natalie and Sheila in SR. Sheila says Adam is just gonna have to deal with being on the block NT - Roadkill23
9:19PM 09/04/2008

Nat and shelia in SR...reaffirming the plan...sharon and adam go up.. - stewart
9:20PM 09/04/2008

Natalie and Sharon in KT cooking. Natalie says she has a headache NT - Roadkill23
9:24PM 09/04/2008

Sharon to DR NT - Roadkill23
9:25PM 09/04/2008

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