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saskwatch Sharon whispering to Adam. Says she has no protection ever... Adam tells her to talk to Ryan cuz it's all up to him. They both say they don't know 0 4:54PM 20/04/2008
saskwatch Sharon in hoh with ryan. 0 5:00PM 20/04/2008
dustytissue Ryan/Sharon thinking about taking Sharon off the block. Sharon is hesitant about voting Sheila out because she hasn't done anything to Sharon. 0 5:16PM 20/04/2008
augie Adam on bed trying to read Bible. Sheila on the bed and putting the screws to him. Begging, pleading, telling him whatever it takes for him to vote 0 5:21PM 20/04/2008
dustytissue Sharon has a feeling Adam would keep Sheila. She's thinking about lying to Adam and agreeing with his plan for final 2. 0 5:23PM 20/04/2008
saskwatch Ryan says Adam made it sound like it was Sharon who came to him. Sharon says no he followed me to the bathroom. 0 5:23PM 20/04/2008
augie Sheila tells Adam she wishes she thought of herself, but selfless Sheila has not thought everybody else instead. She's just a fool. Sigh. NT 0 5:24PM 20/04/2008
saskwatch Sharon proceeds to tell ryan that after Wed they have a week together alone then they go 0 5:25PM 20/04/2008
augie Sharon leaves HOH, goes into her bedroom and knows Adam/Sheila talking. Goes up to HOH and Ryan doesn't answer the door. 0 5:28PM 20/04/2008
augie Ryan at the DR door instead, DR just let him in. Sharon making up her bed. Adam lets out a big sign and starts reading the Bible again. NT 0 5:29PM 20/04/2008
saskwatch Quad Cam: Sheila telling Adam that if she goes, she knows that she did everything in her power for someone else to stay. 0 5:29PM 20/04/2008
augie Sheila back on her bed in the boat room in fetal position. Sharon in bed. NT 0 5:30PM 20/04/2008
saskwatch Sharon smiling to herself as she removes mike and lays on bed. Sheila on her bed and crying. NT 0 5:30PM 20/04/2008
augie Ryan out of DR, now on chair in bathroom, thinking. NT 0 5:31PM 20/04/2008
saskwatch Ryan on chaise in wc. NT 0 5:32PM 20/04/2008
NatHater BB: Head of Household please go to your room. NT 0 5:33PM 20/04/2008
saskwatch BB: hoh please go to your room. NT 0 5:34PM 20/04/2008
augie BB - HOH Please go to your room! Ryan goes up and there's nothing and nobody talking. NT 1 5:34PM 20/04/2008
augie Ry just laying on the bed thinking; Sheila in bed curled up thinking, Sharon and Adam reading the good book. NT 1 5:37PM 20/04/2008
augie BB; Adam, please go to the DR. NT 0 5:38PM 20/04/2008
hockynutty Adam and Ryan arguing, Ryan feels like he is being screwed by Adam NT 0 5:58PM 20/04/2008
augie Sheila talking to Sharon, WHOA - Adam & Ryan in HOH - Adam saying Sheila is trying to cut deal. 0 5:58PM 20/04/2008
dustytissue Ryan tells Adam he feels like he could trust Sharon more than him now after what Adam tried to pull (final 2 deal with Sharon). NT 0 6:01PM 20/04/2008
augie Adam continues to berate Sheila. Ryan says maybe Adam is making deals with Sheila and Sharon. Ryan says don't look so 0 6:04PM 20/04/2008
Laura adam telling ryan if you leave the noms the same i will vote shelia out NT 0 6:11PM 20/04/2008
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