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NiteKat The guys talk about making strawberry waffles or pancakes then ...FLAMES NT 0 12:02AM 21/04/2008
NiteKat Feeds back...guys decide to head to their beds ( or so they say, they tend to NT 0 12:04AM 21/04/2008
NiteKat Adam now in bed, Ryan up to HOH..snacking on somethin, then... 0 12:08AM 21/04/2008
NiteKat Lights back on in HOH..Ryan up looking at his pictures...roaming around HOH. NT 0 12:11AM 21/04/2008
NiteKat Ryan has return to HOH bed & lights again out. 0 12:18AM 21/04/2008
TheRealDeal Everyone staring at the back of their eyelids at the moment. Sleeping. NT 0 1:31AM 21/04/2008
WVpdles Ryan saw adam in the kitchen fixing dogs and started to join him then FLAMES NT 0 1:50AM 21/04/2008
seasickfan All houseguest sleeping NT 0 3:42AM 21/04/2008
Jolt10 all feeds-sleeping HG's. NT 0 6:47AM 21/04/2008
Dr0n3 All HGs still sleeping. NT 0 8:05AM 21/04/2008
bbbrat FLAMES Wake Up Call? NT 0 8:11AM 21/04/2008
JediJaniRules Flames.... NT 0 8:11AM 21/04/2008
Jolt10 Sharon/Shelia/Adam are up and doing their morning sign of Ryan on the feeds yet. NT 0 8:34AM 21/04/2008
Jolt10 S/S discussing what to wear...dress up or not. Shelia mentions they are doing it for showtime. (?) NT 1 8:53AM 21/04/2008
Dr0n3 Sharon in shower. Sheila doing her makeup in WC. Ryan/Adam not on feeds. NT 0 8:54AM 21/04/2008
ihapn2bafan Sharon now out of shower and applying her makeup. NT 0 9:14AM 21/04/2008
BBSheri BB Ryan please go to the DR NT 0 9:23AM 21/04/2008
BBSheri BB Sharon please go to DR, She says Really!!- NT 0 9:27AM 21/04/2008
BBSheri A minute ago Sharon ask Sheila what Ryan was going to do. 0 9:30AM 21/04/2008
Jolt10 Ryan says to Adam 0 9:34AM 21/04/2008
BBSheri Boys are in the Pink Bedroom, Adam sorta still trying to sleep. 0 9:35AM 21/04/2008
Pizzaman Adam talking in his sleep. Ryan saying "What?!" then laughing. NT 0 9:47AM 21/04/2008
DanaRose All 4 feeds on Sharon eating bagel in KT. She's already dressed up and ready to go! NT 0 10:10AM 21/04/2008
Laura suitcases in SR HG'S taking them out NT 0 10:15AM 21/04/2008
DanaRose Sharon saying she's a pro at packing now! NT 0 10:15AM 21/04/2008
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