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BBFanChelle F1, 3 on Ryan sleeping, F2,4 Adam back in bed. NT 0 1:07PM 25/04/2008
Starr2005 Flames! NT 0 1:08PM 25/04/2008
Starr2005 Still sleeping...zzzzzzzzzzzzz NT 0 1:09PM 25/04/2008
BBFanChelle all feeds back on boys in bed. Ryan asleep Adam laying there moving around a little NT 0 1:10PM 25/04/2008
BBFanChelle F1 4 Adam sleeping F2 Sharon's old bed F3 Ryan sleeping NT 0 1:37PM 25/04/2008
CMPhillyGirl Ryan is up finally washing face NT 0 2:21PM 25/04/2008
BBFanChelle Ryan in KT Adam still in bed with lights out. NT 0 2:23PM 25/04/2008
BBFanChelle F1 2 Ryan in SR F3 4 Adam in bed sleeping in pink BR with lights out. NT 0 2:25PM 25/04/2008
BBFanChelle Ryan taking vitamins pack in KT. NT 0 2:28PM 25/04/2008
BBFanChelle Ryan now outside playing golf. NT 0 2:28PM 25/04/2008
BBFanChelle Ryan now laying on single chaise lounge. NT 0 2:32PM 25/04/2008
Starr2005 Ryan is in pool NT 0 3:06PM 25/04/2008
Starr2005 Adam is up now,,,gave full monty in bathroom changing his boxers NT 0 3:17PM 25/04/2008
Starr2005 Adam went outside with Ryan 0 3:22PM 25/04/2008
Thinkin Adam is mad because Sheila threw out a pack of cigarettes. (ed: she must have told him that). Ryan and Adam both say they hate everyone 0 3:25PM 25/04/2008
Thinkin Boys are still fretting over the jury questions. Adam says the jury is all pissy becuase they have to sit by themselves for 2 days. Ryan says they are 0 3:30PM 25/04/2008
Laura all feeds flames NT 0 3:31PM 25/04/2008
Thinkin Boys talking about SHeila saying they are weak 3-4 times. Ryan say if that is all you have... NT 0 3:32PM 25/04/2008
Thinkin Boys can't tell how the votes will go. Adam says they will go by comps. Ryan says they did call you out big time about 0 3:36PM 25/04/2008
Thinkin Sharon mentioned something to Adam about Jacob and told RYan he would be lucky to get her vote. NT 0 3:37PM 25/04/2008
Thinkin Talking about SHaron thinking she knows everything about the game and saying Ryan winked at Adam when she was evicted 0 3:39PM 25/04/2008
Thinkin Adam thinks Josh & Sheila are best friends having found common ground...ragging on him. 0 3:44PM 25/04/2008
Thinkin Boys planning their vaca. NT 0 3:45PM 25/04/2008
Thinkin Flames NT 0 3:48PM 25/04/2008
Thinkin Boys wondering if family is flying in now. Adam says he doesn't know if they are coming at all. NT 0 3:52PM 25/04/2008
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