JokersChat with mIRC
Download mIRC from or download a configured version for JokersChat HERE
IRC Server:

mIRC Setup
If you've downloaded the configured version of mIRC for JokersChat extract it's content to a folder. Run mirc.exe to run mIRC:

mIRC will open. Because it is unregistered there is a nag screen to get past when starting mIRC each time. Click on 'Continue':

The connection dialog will open. Enter your username to chat with here. Do not use a real e-mail address or your real name in these fields.

The configured version of mIRC is already set to connect to JokersNet by default. If you downloaded mIRC from instead you will need to add JokersNet to the IRC Network list:

Once your nickname info is entered, and network is selected you can click on "Connect To Server" to connect. Connecting status will be shown in the status window and the channels dialog will appear when successfully connected:

Join the channels you want and chat!

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