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Features Regular User Premium Basic Premium Plus
Ad BlockX4 locationsMaximum locations
Ignore Users30 users50 users100 users
Signature Character Limit100 characters200 characters300 characters
PM Limit250 messages500 messages1000 messages
Forum Category OrderXEnabledEnabled

Ad Block
Choose which ads you want disabled.
Not all locations are optional, for a current list of locations Click Here

Ignore Users
Don't care to see what a particular poster is posting about? You will have the ability to mask their posts when viewing the forums.
(The limits for this feature were changed and granted to regular users on Feb 14 2018 - please contact us for a partial refund if this was a significant reason for paying for premium access)

Signature Character Limit
Extends the allowed signature character length allowing you to add extra formatting or longer image URLs to your signature.

PM Limit
Increases the number of Private Messages you can keep in your message box.

Forum Category Order
Allows you to change the display order of forum categories on the Forum Index (and New Posts pages).

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