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OK, here goes. One of my many Beej stories, but this one is special.
03/03/06 11:04 PM

I don't even know if the mods are aware of how all this went down.

I chose Beej to be Admin of JU for quite a while. She was also running cA, if you'll recall. DOing a fine job.

I went to Las Vegas, and sitting around bsing with several users and a mod of 2, we got talking about bj. Well, I said she was slightly prejudiced to the left, and was giggling and laughing about it.

Imagine my horror when neejay calls me IN Vegas, in tears. Telling me that since she can't do her job right, she quits. I reiterated what I had really said, and she said she was told that I had said "She isn't doing a good job."

Beejay quit on the spot.

A month or two went by during which she wasn't on the boards.. could be longer, could be shorter. I was pretty hurt... evidently, I'd never said such a thing. I knew she was hurt too.

As such things go, we were almost immediately buddies again. And this time, we were even tighter. Almost a year passed and we gradually got to where we were talking on the phone a bunch. Not a whole lot, but a bunch.

Then she went in for the chemo and I was calling her every day, and giving you reports, remember?

During this chemo, she hit me out of the blue one day. Asked did I remember the fiasco in Vegas. I did. Then she said straight out that she had been wrong. She'd found out that whoever said that to her, lied to her. And she was just so sorry.

I had tears. I told her it didn't matter anymore, it was water under the bridge, altho I did appreciate her coming forward like that. What a woman. She was ALL powerful woman.

This was what I was alluding to when I said it hadn't always been smooth between us. But this didn't last but a month of two, and we were back with each other.

Totally unrelated, but we decided to bring Bobbie back on as a moderator, whilst she was having chemo, so she could read admin and know in seconds what was happening with the entire board. Save her time and trouble.

First we playied a joke on CA. We told them they had a new moderator, and I modded BJ in there. Her name simply showed up one day. The Reps never said ONE WORD but boy were they hot.

At first, she was really not gonna moderate cause she didn't feel well. Then all of a sudden she poked her litle Beej head up and said she'd like to actually moderate, if we didn't mind. Of course we didn't... Dre and Roo and Foo welcomed her back She started by modding one thing in CA, got debber to help her with it. We were so glad to see her doing something, anything.

Then she asked for her mod brown color back, and m3 made that so. She was just so excited over that... I can't tell you. She danced around in the CA admin forum for a whole day.

And as fast as that, several days later she was gone.

She brought so much to the boards, and so much behind the scenes. She adored JU, so much so that after that fracas where she thought I hurt her, she STILL came back. Brave Brave BJ. And then to tell me all that on the phone. (tears)

Well I'm crying and off to bed now. But there are a couple more Beej stories

There's always a Joker, in the pack...

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* OK, here goes. One of my many Beej stories, but this one is special.
Jokerette Administrator
03/03/06 11:04 PM
xx * :)
04/14/06 10:14 AM
xx * How are you and your family doing? It is so nice to see you here. NT
04/14/06 10:17 AM
xx * ((((Ette))))....thanks for sharing that with us.....As you know, i came to know her quite well...
03/05/06 06:53 AM
xx * Thanks, (((Ette)))! ::sniff:: :O] NT
03/04/06 10:33 PM
xx * {{{{ Ette }}}}
03/04/06 11:11 AM
xx * awwwww {{{Nece}}} yep
Jokerette Administrator
03/04/06 11:33 AM
xx * Thanks Ette. ::hugs:: NT
03/04/06 04:40 AM
xx * Thanks so much for sharing Ette.
03/04/06 12:56 AM
xx * {{{Mar}}} that makes perfect sense
Jokerette Administrator
03/04/06 11:36 AM
xx * Thanks Ette NT
03/04/06 12:09 AM

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