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BB8 Houseguests
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8/24/07 Big Brother 8: Jen eliminated
8/03/07 Chatting with Nick from "Big Brother 8"
8/03/07 I Just Kept Getting Deeper into Emotions
8/03/07 'Big Brother': Game Over for Nick
8/01/07 HouseCalls with Gretchen and Carol
8/01/07 Big Brother's First Castoff Blasts "Two-faced" Rivals
8/01/07 Dustin is dead to me
8/01/07 Big Brother's Joe Dishes on His Ex and a "Brilliant Twist"
7/31/07 Big Brother's Latest Evictee Gets Himself Kicked Out
7/31/07 Nick's MySpace
Big Brother 8 - Nick Starcevic
Name: Nick Starcevic
Age: 25
Home: Kimball, Minn.
Status: Single
Occupation: Ex-Pro Football Player
Chatting with Nick from "Big Brother 8"
The Slug: What or who led to your eviction?
Nick Starcevic: I think the thing that ultimately led to my eviction was the alliance I was originally in, the Mrs. Robinson alliance. I think I was so approachable, and I got caught with my hand in the cookie jar with a whole bunch of different alliances.

The Slug: Do you think Eric being America's Player and the houseguests thinking he cast the second vote last week also led to your demise?
Nick Starcevic: It did come into play in the demise of myself. People couldn't trust me right away after I told them about the alliance. That second vote that was cast, people kind of passed it off that it was me. That did not help me, for sure. People did not trust me this week, and that ultimately led to my eviction.

The Slug: How did you feel about the twist?
Nick Starcevic: I like it. And I like the fact that it's Eric. I knew something was sketchy with him from the get-go. We were all weirded out by him. We didn't know what his deal was. We gave him a week, and he turned out to be a super funny, personable person.
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I Just Kept Getting Deeper into Emotions
An Interview with Big Brother 8’s Nick
RealityNewsOnline: What was your strategy coming into the game?

Nick: I thought I could be very buddy buddy with the guys, which for the most part I was. For the girls I wanted to flirt with them. That lasted three days until I got to know Daniele. I became intellectually and emotionally involved with her and that switched up my whole game completely.

RNO: In what way?

Nick: Basically, as soon as I met Daniele, I became emotionally involved and I wasn’t going to wrong her in any way. I was there for her.

RNO: Why couldn’t you get back on your game?

Nick: I just kept getting deeper into emotions with myself and Daniele. I couldn’t foresee myself hurting her in any sort of way.

RNO:Why did you continue to pursue Daniele even though you knew she had a serious relationship outside the house?

Nick: Just because it was a good feeling. Inside the house tension is high and there is a lot of stress. It wasn’t all one-sided. We had a good situation. I wasn’t going to push the envelope. I waited for her to give me the green light. As soon as she did, I was all for it.

RNO:How do you think Daniele will do now that you’re out of the house?

Nick: I think she’ll do a lot better in terms of the game. If I were in there and Daniele was going, I’d do a lot better. I might have hindered her as well. We spent a lot of time secluded together and I think that hurt us both on the whole. So I think she’ll do a lot better without me there.

RNO:What is your take on the whole iced tea incident with Dick and Jen?

Nick: I loved it! Truthfully, I missed the whole situation, but when I found out, I giggled a little bit. Then I went in my room and giggled some more.
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'Big Brother': Game Over for Nick
'Big Brother': Game Over for Nick
ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: First things first: They label you a ''professional football player.'' Who did you play for?
NICK STARCEVIC: I played in Europe for Team Finland, part of the European Football League. I played free safety for probably two months, then I got injured last summer. Since then, I've finished up student teaching in Australia, and just got back probably three weeks before Big Brother started.

Okay, be honest: your soulmate status with Daniele, was that just a strategy?
No, not at all. My strategy going in was to be a flirt with the ladies, and even maybe with some of the guys, but that changed as soon as I met Daniele.

Your tender moments with Joe caused quite a flurry on the Internet. Guys, girls...would you have snuggled up with anyone to get ahead?
I wasn't going to do whatever it takes, but I could flirt with Joe and Dustin and have no worries about it. I'm pretty comfortable with my sexuality.

Do you worry that Daniele's boyfriend is waiting for you in front of CBS with a tire iron?
Who knows? That's not really any of my worries. I'm sure her boyfriend is fairly upset — I'm not sure what was shown and what not. But If I had a girlfriend inside this house, even if she didn't do anything, I'd be on edge.
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Nick's MySpace
Mustache Like Tom Selleck..'s Blurbs
About me:
Just got back from pro football overseas... I'm originally from Minnesota... Currently I am in Shepparton, Australia teaching:D Feel free to ask anything What have I done w/ my life... hmmm I was on MTV back in the day (3-4 years ago), I used to fitness model (in Cali) I managed an Abercrombie and Fitch around the time I fitness modeled... Now I am currently teaching P.E./Outdoor Ed. in Australia until May...then who knows what I'll be doing... I'm sure it'll be an adventure though Woo HOO Like Tim Robbins say, "Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying" Sports... Pop And Locking Like The Guy In The Blue Tux From Footloose Trying to Be As Cool Or Cooler as Ferris Bueller Or Marty McFly Every man dies, not every man really lives...If You Fall From A Skyscraper Go Really Limp Like A Dummy, Someone May Try and Catch You Because "HEY, Free Dummy!".... Probably The Saddest Thing You'll Ever See Is A Mosquito Sucking A Mummy, Forget It Little Friend...Veritas Aequitas About Me: ALL AMERICAN D2 FOOTBALL PLAYER ...I think A.C. Slater quite possibly could be the dreamiest guy ever (sigh)... I Like Parties But I Don't Like Pinatas because the Pinata Promotes Violence to Flamboyant Animals... I Find It Ironic How Cologne Rhymes With Alone... Sorta Only Means Something After Certain Sentences, Like I Love You and You're Going To Live...
Who I'd like to meet:
The guy in the blue suit who pops and locks at the end of Footloose... Interesting Cool People who are down for going out in the cities and "kicking it" is what the kids are calling it these days...
View Nick's MySpace Here
Nick's Myspace
Nick's blog, pictures, interests, friends etc

Nick's football team in Finland
A link to the Nick's football team in Finland. In their homepage they tell what kind of a player nick was.

Nick's twitter

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Nick's Myspace
Nick's blog, pictures, interests, friends etc

Nick's football team in Finland
A link to the Nick's football team in Finland. In their homepage they tell what kind of a player nick was.

Nick's twitter



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