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Anonymous Howie working Sarah now 0 4:52PM 10/07/2005
KinkyLilBlackDress April: "Maggie, you need another beer. We're all cheap drunks!" NT 0 4:54PM 10/07/2005
KinkyLilBlackDress Jennifer kisses Mike on the cheek before going to put on her mic. NT 2 4:59PM 10/07/2005
Anonymous Adult-Howie just asked beau if he would 0 5:01PM 10/07/2005
Anonymous Howie and Ivette on Kaysar (plus more with Beau) 0 5:02PM 10/07/2005
Anonymous Howie with Beau (Adult) 0 5:07PM 10/07/2005
Anonymous April keeps saying "I'm married" "I'm not a cheater" (rolls eyes) NT 0 5:08PM 10/07/2005
Caribou Making dinner: Eric, Janelle, Sarah, Maggie. Mike asking what they're making. 0 5:08PM 10/07/2005
Caribou Howie knows Beau's best friend, the woman Beau wants to set up with Mike NT 1 5:10PM 10/07/2005
Tyburn So Howie knows Beau's best friend who... 0 5:12PM 10/07/2005
Caribou Kaysar on hammock. Mike sitting on edge. Kaysar says April & Ivette won't even look at him now. Something's up 0 5:14PM 10/07/2005
Caribou Mike walks over to Jennifer. She's on a lounger. Mike takes her hand and kisses it. 0 5:18PM 10/07/2005
Zazny Kaysar, Michael mind meld...Eric comes in 0 5:25PM 10/07/2005
Caribou Mike and Kaysar F3 in main bedroom 0 5:25PM 10/07/2005
Anonymous Mike and Kaysar talking strategy..Eric walks up 0 5:28PM 10/07/2005
Caribou Men confirm eviction happens Tuesday night. Mike sharing that someone asked him to compete for her. 2 5:28PM 10/07/2005
avichaiyl Eric clues Michael in the the he is offending the girls with is touching and trying to kiss them NT 0 5:36PM 10/07/2005
KinkyLilBlackDress The cooking continues. NT 0 5:57PM 10/07/2005
AlexaRae Still cooking dinner... Eric chopping like crazy with little dull knife! NT 0 5:57PM 10/07/2005
KinkyLilBlackDress Eric starts talking with Jen, "Are you alive, there?" She seems uninterested. NT 0 5:58PM 10/07/2005
KinkyLilBlackDress Eric taking the "Dad" roll well, seems zoned-in on making the perfect dinner. NT 0 6:01PM 10/07/2005
KinkyLilBlackDress Kaysar and Maggie, and Beau talk medicine. 0 6:03PM 10/07/2005
KinkyLilBlackDress James, keeping up on the Teacher lie, says he wants to quit teaching and become a bartender. NT 2 6:04PM 10/07/2005
KinkyLilBlackDress Eric to April "I need Janelle gone. If not, I'm screwed." NT 2 6:08PM 10/07/2005
Zazny Eric, April's hit list grows another week 1 6:09PM 10/07/2005
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