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Topic #1892483
Anonymous - Howie working Sarah now 0 Replies #1892483 4:52PM 10/07/2005
SAys she is innocent and sexy, is going to take a shot at the 'ultimate prize' and that James is already p*ssed at him anyways, so he might as well try for a 'booby'

Talking more about Sarahs boobies, he thinks that him and Sarah are the 'hook up of this season'

Sarah says maybe if they're still in the house after three and a half months. laughs.

Ivette saying that Howie cracks her up. Howie says there are so many uptight bimbos around here, its not like he's mugging them for their purse, he's just interested in their looks, their body and their sexual history.. talking about Janelle being around the block several times but won't tell about it.

Says Ivette will talk about anything ... Howie says he doesn't discriminate with women, he will take anything.

Someone (Sarah?) gets up to leave, says she needs a Howie break for a minute, theres only so much Howie you can take at a time. Howie says she has a nice booty.

Howie asking someone how much their boobs cost.
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Topic #1892487
KinkyLilBlackDress - April: "Maggie, you need another beer. We're all cheap drunks!" NT 0 Replies #1892487 4:54PM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1892498
KinkyLilBlackDress - Jennifer kisses Mike on the cheek before going to put on her mic. NT 2 Replies #1892498 4:59PM 10/07/2005
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Caribou - Mike asked Jennifer to bring him a beer when she returned to the yard. She didn't. NT #1892515 5:04PM 10/07/2005
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KinkyLilBlackDress - Mike: "Is that your ration for the day, or mine?" to Jen NT #1892499 4:59PM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1892502
Anonymous - Adult-Howie just asked beau if he would 0 Replies #1892502 5:01PM 10/07/2005
jerk him off if he put a condom on...beau said no.
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Topic #1892505
Anonymous - Howie and Ivette on Kaysar (plus more with Beau) 0 Replies #1892505 5:02PM 10/07/2005
Howie saying he is talking to women about their bodies now, doing things a normal "christian virgin muslim" wouldn't do.

Howie says Beau has nice skin for a boy, says he's appreciative of a male body, but is not (sober) anytime soon going to explore those opportunities. Says he can appreciate it but doesn't need to go and bend him over. Starts stroking Beaus shoulders.

Howie trying to flirt with Beau .. talking about going to the Gold room

Ivette says .. comeone do it, just a peck! (To Beau about kissing Howie) April joins in Howie says not open mouth, thats the wrong vibe to send to America. Ivette says to Beau "give him a kiss on the mouth and I'll make you lunch for the week"

Michael comes and asks Howie if he would do men .. asks "Would you do Brad Pitt"

Howie (without pause: Of course! Who wouldn't!! Everyone has their limits. If they gave me a million buck I would bend you over (to Mike)

Now calling Beau a slut. Ivette says she can't leave because Beau and Howie are going to peck.

Ivette tells April she can peck Beau and her hubby can't be mad.

Ivette tells them to call KAysar over. Beau says "omigod! should I kiss Kaysar?!" They make pukey noises.

APril says Beau is very very clean.

BB tells Jennifer to put on her mic.

Ivette says its a shame because Beau could conquer you... you're a good looking guy but you're so bizarre.

Howie says Beau has such soft skin, Ivette says because he takes care of his skin like a women.

Howie telling Beau to
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Topic #1892533
Anonymous - Howie with Beau (Adult) 0 Replies #1892533 5:07PM 10/07/2005
Asking Beau if he would 69 another guy.. Beau says he has before. Ivette says Beau is the kind of guy who breaks the straight ones. Says Beau and Howie can be the first guys on BB to kiss

Howie asks Beau if he makes out with his B/f when they watch movies with popcorn, Beau says of course. April says there is no need to have men kissing..
(Beau sitting on Howies lap now)

Beau says he can't wait for April to come to Miami to go to some place (a club?)

Beau says Howie is the twist, he's really gay.

Ivette going inside, wants Howie and Beau to kiss before she goes, will cook for them for a week. Howie says : do i have to tounge him? Ivette says no just peck.

April says (to Howie) you have to respect your mother... she brought you in the world, she can take you out, don't do anything to upset your mother. ( Ok not sure if she's talking to Howie or Beau)
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Topic #1892536
Anonymous - April keeps saying "I'm married" "I'm not a cheater" (rolls eyes) NT 0 Replies #1892536 5:08PM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1892537
Caribou - Making dinner: Eric, Janelle, Sarah, Maggie. Mike asking what they're making. 0 Replies #1892537 5:08PM 10/07/2005
Mike - i love cooking
Eric agrees

Janelle - i dont' understand why we can't have knives. kinda weird huh? in season 2 didn't somebody attack someonen with a knife? (yes)

Ivette arrives - you don't even want to know what's going on out there (referring to Howie)
They ask what Beau is doing about Howie. Ivette says he's screaming "nooo nooooo!"

James and Rachel also in kitchen. Maybe doing dishes or making something to help with dinner.

Ashlea arrives. Dressed in something ... also wearing boots which look like uggs. They have fur.

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Topic #1892539
Caribou - Howie knows Beau's best friend, the woman Beau wants to set up with Mike NT 1 Replies #1892539 5:10PM 10/07/2005
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Caribou - Name is Sue Ann. She only gave Howie her email addy. She didn't like Howie NT #1892541 5:11PM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1892544
Tyburn - So Howie knows Beau's best friend who... 0 Replies #1892544 5:12PM 10/07/2005
is involved in a production company (?). Well, apparently he met her with some top model show, Howie knews her and has her email and phone number. He asked her out and was turned down. Beau says he's not her type. Howie called her to tell her he was going on "Blind Date" and she was like, "So what?"
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Topic #1892550
Caribou - Kaysar on hammock. Mike sitting on edge. Kaysar says April & Ivette won't even look at him now. Something's up 0 Replies #1892550 5:14PM 10/07/2005
Mike says don't worry man, it's all in our hands.

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Topic #1892556
Caribou - Mike walks over to Jennifer. She's on a lounger. Mike takes her hand and kisses it. 0 Replies #1892556 5:18PM 10/07/2005
F1 & F2: On loungers side by side in backyard - Jennifer, April, Beau, Howie. April left and Ivette took her place.

F3 & F4: Kitchen crew still hard at work on dinner. Mike wandered into kitchen. Mike just seems to be wandering around the yard and the house.

Kaysar comes in. He'd been laying on hammock outside without his tshirt on (first time I've seen that in Kaysar). He got a drink from the fridge.

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Topic #1892577
Zazny - Kaysar, Michael mind meld...Eric comes in 0 Replies #1892577 5:25PM 10/07/2005
M>We guys need to convene again, today
K>Eric won't hear anything negative about Ivette.
K>They want to put Janelle and Jennifer up.
M>They're the least threatening two.
K>That's who's going up
M>That's kinda a stupid move. I'd go for Ivette. And go for... remember what we discussed, about getting the most threatening people off
K>Ivette's a strong player
M>Ivette's a strong player ... I love Rachel. She's my favorite girl here. She's the toughest of all of the girls competitively. She has "winner" written all over her. Us four need to get together and talk about "how [each of us feel]". Our plan stays the same.
K>Anything can happen.
M>James is not the kind of guy I'd hang out with...at least he's warmed up a little bit.
K>(Eric enters, tries to act cool) That doesn't matter?
M>At some point, let's all very briefly, us four, reconvene and have a chat.
E>I know that Ivette wants HOH for this one because she wants to put Janelle and Jen. Do you guys have a problem with that? Tell me now. Be honest with me.
M>I think we should vote out the threatening comeptitors first
E>Janelle is gonna come after me at her first f--king chance.
E>Janelle is gone, I'm telling you that right now.
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Topic #1892579
Caribou - Mike and Kaysar F3 in main bedroom 0 Replies #1892579 5:25PM 10/07/2005
Mike thinks they should keep April and Jenn because they are least likely to win a challenge.

Mike - ivette pretty feisty. she might be likely to chew your arm off to win a game.
Kaysar - Eric won't hear a single negative word about Ivette
Mike - that's fine

(feeds choppy)

Kaysar - they want janelle and jenn on the block
mike - that's the least threatening two. that's a stupid move
mike - remember we discussed getting the most threatening players off? ivette is one of the most threatening. I love her. I love RAchel. Rachel is my fav girl here. She is the toughest of all the girls competitively. She's got winner written all over her. We (the guys) should all gather together, how do we all feel, and our plan remains the same. Us 4 to the end.
Kaysar - that's what we gotta do
Mike - James is not the kinda guy to hang out with too regularly but at least he's warmed up a bit

Eric arrives

Mike tells Eric his plan to reconvene the guys and plan their next step.
Eric - I know that ivette wants us..she wants HOH for this one because she's gonna put out jan and jenn, do you two have a problem with that? be honest with me!
mike - no no. i'll tell you I thought we should get the most threatening competitors off

They're arguing their points without showing their preferences pretty well.

Eric - janelle is gone right now, i'm telling you

Howie joins them. Feeds really choppy - can't hear.

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Topic #1892585
Anonymous - Mike and Kaysar talking strategy..Eric walks up 0 Replies #1892585 5:28PM 10/07/2005
Micheal telling Kaysar that 'they' want Janelle and Jennifer up next week and Janelle out.. Kaysar thinks that isn't a smart move.

Michael saying Rachel is his absolute fav. girl in the house. She is a strong competitor.

Eric comes up and says that Ivette wants HOH and to put up Janelle and Jenn, Jenn is to be the pawn, asks Mike if he has a prob. with that and to tell him now.. says Janelle is gone.. ..

Eric is telling them its going to be 10-1 with only Janelle throwing Ashlea a vote. Mike says he has seen Ashlea and Janelle arguing, she may not even vote for her.

Eric says if it goes any other way he will be worried. They say the actual eviction will happen on Tuesday

Mike telling them that Ashlea asked Mike to play for her and lose on purpose. Eric says same with him, they are talking about how weird that is, not beneficial for her in the end.

Howie comes up, talking about going to take a leak, says he was coming to get toilet paper.

They disperse...
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Topic #1892586
Caribou - Men confirm eviction happens Tuesday night. Mike sharing that someone asked him to compete for her. 2 Replies #1892586 5:28PM 10/07/2005
She also asked Howie. They've now figured this out. (think it's Ashlea they're talking about?)

Men break up and split.

Feeds bad. I'm out
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Zazny - It was Ash #1892590 5:29PM 10/07/2005
And they said that she asked them to lose on purpose.
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Caribou - Thought they said she asked Mike to Win it and then asked Howie to lose it? That's why Mike found it all so stupid he said. NT #1892593 5:30PM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1892611
avichaiyl - Eric clues Michael in the the he is offending the girls with is touching and trying to kiss them NT 0 Replies #1892611 5:36PM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1892681
KinkyLilBlackDress - The cooking continues. NT 0 Replies #1892681 5:57PM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1892683
AlexaRae - Still cooking dinner... Eric chopping like crazy with little dull knife! NT 0 Replies #1892683 5:57PM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1892687
KinkyLilBlackDress - Eric starts talking with Jen, "Are you alive, there?" She seems uninterested. NT 0 Replies #1892687 5:58PM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1892696
KinkyLilBlackDress - Eric taking the "Dad" roll well, seems zoned-in on making the perfect dinner. NT 0 Replies #1892696 6:01PM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1892702
KinkyLilBlackDress - Kaysar and Maggie, and Beau talk medicine. 0 Replies #1892702 6:03PM 10/07/2005
Maggie commenting on how far medicine has come in the past few years. Saying how barbaric CPR might be seen in the future.
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Topic #1892706
KinkyLilBlackDress - James, keeping up on the Teacher lie, says he wants to quit teaching and become a bartender. NT 2 Replies #1892706 6:04PM 10/07/2005
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Zazny - Even corrects Kaysar's English #1892719 6:07PM 10/07/2005
K: Me and Beau are going into business together
J: Beau and I!
K: Sorry... Beau and I are going into business together
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KinkyLilBlackDress - Kaysar: "After seeing you in this house, you aren't getting anywhere near my kids." NT #1892710 6:05PM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1892725
KinkyLilBlackDress - Eric to April "I need Janelle gone. If not, I'm screwed." NT 2 Replies #1892725 6:08PM 10/07/2005
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KinkyLilBlackDress - Eric: "I know Janelle's gunning for me. Its a fact. And I can't take that chance." NT #1892740 6:11PM 10/07/2005
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KinkyLilBlackDress - Eric telling April everyone has her back, that she doesn't need to worry. NT #1892731 6:10PM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1892730
Zazny - Eric, April's hit list grows another week 1 Replies #1892730 6:09PM 10/07/2005
A> Next [week 3] is "M"?
E> I would have no problem with him going. I can't guarantee it, but I don't have a problem with it. I need Janelle gone, because if she doesn't, I'm screwed.
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Zazny - Clarifying, April would prefer Michael next #1892752 6:13PM 10/07/2005
April wants Michael next.

E> I know he has never said a bad word about you.

A saying something 'I can say things others can't because I'm a married woman.' [April did cut his hair earlier]

Eric is not moving. Needs Janelle gone.
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