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amyt92 Beau and Ivette are chatting it up at the table..Seem to be ignoring everyone else NT 0 6:46PM 11/07/2005
KinkyLilBlackDress Eric: "Howie's the reason I cook. He's like he's going to the chair. Its unbe-fricklen-leavable. Look at this guy!" NT 0 6:49PM 11/07/2005
KinkyLilBlackDress April tries to play Mom, it doesn't work. 0 6:52PM 11/07/2005
amyt92 Dinner winding down...Now they are deciding who is going to do the dishes>> 1 6:52PM 11/07/2005
amyt92 Howie again compliments Eric on dinner >>> 0 6:54PM 11/07/2005
KinkyLilBlackDress Eric refuses to sleep with others on BB, no matter what. 0 6:55PM 11/07/2005
Zazny Jen and April discussion. 1 6:57PM 11/07/2005
KinkyLilBlackDress April and Jenn talk about what's going to happen after BB. 0 6:59PM 11/07/2005
amyt92 April and Jen still outside..Talking about missing people from home. 0 6:59PM 11/07/2005
KinkyLilBlackDress Ivette cranks up the hot-tub, all 4 cams change to Eric and April in Bathroom. 0 7:00PM 11/07/2005
amyt92 Eric and Maggie were trying to conspire in the bathroom..April came in and they stopped NT 0 7:01PM 11/07/2005
Wayne321 Some of the gang are sitting around the hottub, it's impossible to hear them because of the water. 0 7:12PM 11/07/2005
Zazny Jenn forgotten by the Diary Room, April complains about bed situation 0 7:15PM 11/07/2005
Zazny James and his fans, Eric's gonna snap 0 7:24PM 11/07/2005
Anonymous jenn just licked a spoon then used it to get PB out of the jar(yuck) NT 0 7:33PM 11/07/2005
Zazny Ivette, Jen, Eric, April, Beau, Maggie, Ashlea, Sarah around BY table 0 7:38PM 11/07/2005
Wayne321 Most HM's still in the BY 0 7:49PM 11/07/2005
Wayne321 Mike and Howie now playing fussball NT 0 7:51PM 11/07/2005
Zazny Beau: Everything in this house interconnects; Kaysar's love life 0 7:58PM 11/07/2005
lucyfer Beau just asked Kaysar if he has a girlfriend. K didn't answer, and then 0 7:59PM 11/07/2005
Wayne321 Kaysar and Beau in the LR on the sofas... 0 8:01PM 11/07/2005
Zazny Eric to James: Mike's done. He's f--d himself NT 0 8:07PM 11/07/2005
Zazny Eric,James on Sarah, Maggie 0 8:09PM 11/07/2005
Suzan James and Eric- 0 8:13PM 11/07/2005
Zazny James wants to make the eviction vote unpredictable 0 8:13PM 11/07/2005
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