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Zazny Jen's job is revealed 0 8:18PM 11/07/2005
riobarrens Looks like Jennifer finally revealed she's a cheerleader [to Eric and james] NT 0 8:20PM 11/07/2005
Zazny Eric/James emulate April/Ivette 1 8:21PM 11/07/2005
Suzan James campaigning for Sara to stay until the end because she weak, J: "she never works out" NT 0 8:24PM 11/07/2005
Zazny Eric to Ivette: No matter who gets HOH, 'that plan' has to go into effect 0 8:26PM 11/07/2005
TheBigSista Eric and james talking about taking one girl with them to the final 3 0 8:27PM 11/07/2005
TheBigSista Eric just said he is happy it is not a boys and girls thing!! NT 0 8:29PM 11/07/2005
Zazny E: As long as the four of us (Eric/April/Ivette/Rachel) are on the same page, we don't have to rehash this 0 8:32PM 11/07/2005
ccquilter M, E and short female with brown hair - not sure which she is 1 8:43PM 11/07/2005
Wayne321 Jennifer is crying and Eric is trying to comfort her. NT 0 8:44PM 11/07/2005
imnotpunk Jennifer crying in the Gold Room, Eric hugging her NT 2 8:44PM 11/07/2005
p_flikinicnar James, Ivette, Rachel 0 8:44PM 11/07/2005
Zazny Jen was worried to leave Eric/Mike in room as she thought they could get physical 0 8:46PM 11/07/2005
Wayne321 Jennifer tells Howie that he has to cut the "butt grabbing" and stuff out. NT 0 8:46PM 11/07/2005
Wayne321 Ashlea to Jenn - "Ivette is causing so much sh*t in this house!" NT 0 8:47PM 11/07/2005
ccquilter More with E and woman with brown hair I don't know the name of 1 8:48PM 11/07/2005
Zazny Jen sees the Mike and Howie situations hypocritical 0 8:51PM 11/07/2005
Suzan Jennifer has had a meltdown over the way her relationship with Michael is being perceived 0 8:51PM 11/07/2005
p_flikinicnar Jennifer and Ashlea 0 8:57PM 11/07/2005
Suzan Jennifer acted differently to Eric in the Gold room then she is acting now with Ashlea 0 8:58PM 11/07/2005
p_flikinicnar More ash and jennifer 1 9:04PM 11/07/2005
p_flikinicnar All four feeds are fish... NT 0 9:08PM 11/07/2005
Anonymous Beau, Maggie and Eric 2 9:10PM 11/07/2005
Caribou Eric and Maggie in WC, Beau joined them. Eric relates what just occurred with Mike 0 9:21PM 11/07/2005
p_flikinicnar Jennifer> The world is going to think we're so hot 0 9:23PM 11/07/2005
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