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James, April and Rachel are snacking in kitchen on potato chips among other things NT - Tambo
1:45PM 18/07/2005

F3 in the kitchen - Tambo
1:52PM 18/07/2005

Jennifer is telling Sarah that Janelle blatently lied to her when she asked her - Disneyisme
1:55PM 18/07/2005

Howie is outside at the table with Mike and Janelle, he is teasing them - Disneyisme
1:58PM 18/07/2005
Howie continues "well we'll see when you all go out to one of Janie's clubs - Disneyisme
1:59PM 18/07/2005
"I'm a weatherman, I predict things, I predict 50/50 chance, you guys gotta chance." NT - Disneyisme
2:06PM 18/07/2005

Sarah just spit water in a playful way on the back of James' neck in front of Jen - Qcoatl
2:03PM 18/07/2005

James says he really wants HOH so he can go nap alone anytime he wants. Jennifer says - Disneyisme
2:12PM 18/07/2005
James says "I really don't think I am told everything even though I talk to the 'major players'." NT - Disneyisme
2:13PM 18/07/2005

I just tuned in to James in bed and Jenn sitting there talking to him in the bedroom. - Disneyisme
2:18PM 18/07/2005
James says he doesn't feel like he is playing a game yet, that he just asks - Disneyisme
2:21PM 18/07/2005

James and Jenn are whispering, really low, saying how they will be sequestered after being evicted, Jenn says - Disneyisme
2:23PM 18/07/2005

Jenn is telling James "I heard that certain people in the house are going to nominate me and - Disneyisme
2:25PM 18/07/2005

Now Rachel and Kay are in the bedroom, talking about the subway doors. - Disneyisme
2:32PM 18/07/2005

While they are talking in the bedroom, Jennifer is giving James a manicure, while he - Disneyisme
2:40PM 18/07/2005

Jen says at least 10 people have touched her breasts NT - NMFireman
2:48PM 18/07/2005

Girls laying in the sun....Ivette, Janelle, Maggie, April and Sarah - Mareenie
2:50PM 18/07/2005

Howie just asked Mike - Mareenie
2:53PM 18/07/2005

[about 10 minutes ago] James and Jenn left in room after everyone leaves. James said letís get back to our conversation before we were interrupted. - CougarSpy
3:01PM 18/07/2005

Howie is talking about not getting alcohol - Mareenie
3:03PM 18/07/2005

Jenn is giving Rachel a pedicure - joannie
3:09PM 18/07/2005

Mike and Janelle on the hammock talking ..... - bubbles6moose
3:16PM 18/07/2005

Janelle and Michael in hammock - Mareenie
3:18PM 18/07/2005

There is real small talk going on outside around the table and in the bedroom. NT - Disneyisme
3:38PM 18/07/2005

mike goes to kiss janelle in the kitchen.. janelle pulls back and says "they can see us" NT - madmax131
3:41PM 18/07/2005

Janelle and Mike are in the kitchen, Mike swoops towards her for a kiss, - Disneyisme
3:42PM 18/07/2005

Kaysar, on Howie - lemonred
3:43PM 18/07/2005

Janelle went to the gold room and Mike followed her right in. - Disneyisme
3:44PM 18/07/2005
They are having quite the make-out session. NT - Disneyisme
3:46PM 18/07/2005

howie thinks he is allergic to Kaysar.... - bubbles6moose
3:46PM 18/07/2005

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