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Mike: "MTA. 317. MTA. 317. MTA. 317." NT - joannie
6:57PM 18/07/2005

Cappy gives dieting advise to Ivette NT - Ric_LaGuardia
6:59PM 18/07/2005

5, 9, 6. the numbers Mike is trying now NT - gymborebel
6:59PM 18/07/2005

Michael continues to work the safe; Howie is putting on deodorant or rubbing his pits, Janelle watches NT - Ric_LaGuardia
7:01PM 18/07/2005
Howie just said they came into the house on 7-3-05 NT - Walkingwounded
7:05PM 18/07/2005

there is chaos in the kitchen about who wants what and what has been prepared NT - Ric_LaGuardia
7:05PM 18/07/2005

Sarah and April are asleep NT - Ric_LaGuardia
7:06PM 18/07/2005

Rachel breaks the Safecracker Club with word of dinner - Zazny
7:06PM 18/07/2005

Michael has gone completely insane. - Awesome_Possum
7:06PM 18/07/2005

Rachel comes in GOld room.. - gymborebel
7:07PM 18/07/2005

Jen and Beau making "waterdrop" sounds with their mouths NT - Zazny
7:08PM 18/07/2005

Maggie on the hammock: I always watched the show and I thought that this would be the best place to hang out. It's not. NT - Zazny
7:14PM 18/07/2005

Maggie has broken her nose 3 times! - nojobny
7:23PM 18/07/2005

Cappy statin' that ever since the "incident" M hasn't given out the stink eye... NT - Gothicjade
7:28PM 18/07/2005

Ivette says in Texas, it is all about cheerleading to Jennifer NT - Anonymous
7:52PM 18/07/2005

Maggie... I'm not an extrovert in here and - Jokerette
7:52PM 18/07/2005
More Maggie and Kaysar - Jokerette
7:55PM 18/07/2005

Howie is singing "I'm a Boob Watcher" to the tune of I'm a Girl Watcher and then FISH! NT - Anonymous
7:53PM 18/07/2005

Maggie and K are talking in hammock - earlier on chairs in den - nothing game just life NT - Anonymous
7:54PM 18/07/2005

Chit Chat! - Justin
8:09PM 18/07/2005

Jan And Kay Convo! (7 Mins Ago) - Justin
8:23PM 18/07/2005

BB: Maggie Please Go To The Diary Room! NT - Justin
8:27PM 18/07/2005

Rachel tells about this guy she met in a bar that she was really hitting it off with. They talked and flirted for about - Lola
8:35PM 18/07/2005

James gets one on Howie. James, Sarah and Rachel are in a group when Howie comes up. James says to Howie - Lola
8:41PM 18/07/2005

Howie, Sarah and James Short Convo! - Justin
8:46PM 18/07/2005

James and Sarah about April. James says "April is a nut case" - Anonymous
8:48PM 18/07/2005

Jame says to Howie "You're a f***ing mess, you need to stay away form your self" NT - Lola
9:02PM 18/07/2005

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