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Jenn/Maggie/Kaysar doing stomach crunches on floor in dining room. - Caribou
1:04PM 19/07/2005

Eric insinuates Jenn is giving him an erection..... - SassyPrncess
1:12PM 19/07/2005
NOTE: Jenn has now moved so Eric can't see her ..... - SassyPrncess
1:16PM 19/07/2005

F3/F4: Rachel laying in sun beside pool. April on floater in the pool. NT - Caribou
1:13PM 19/07/2005

Eric on Ivette & Sarah in kitchen....... - SassyPrncess
1:15PM 19/07/2005

Eric's Crude Comments - valentine
1:17PM 19/07/2005

Eric goes on about sexing his wife, and sexing Ivette - SassyPrncess
1:19PM 19/07/2005

Eric pervs on Jenn on floor - SassyPrncess
1:21PM 19/07/2005
And James Insulted the Ladies, Too - valentine
1:25PM 19/07/2005

Rachel floating on raft in pool, Howie working out, Kaysar outside. NT - SassyPrncess
1:22PM 19/07/2005

April Makes Tuna Salad - valentine
1:24PM 19/07/2005

Rachel & Kaysar discuss computer programming work NT - SassyPrncess
1:25PM 19/07/2005

F4: Kaysar sitting on storage box in shade beside the pool. Asking Rachel about her work - Caribou
1:27PM 19/07/2005

Rachel applied for BB she tells Kaysar. She was spending everyday going to work, staring at her computer, so so sad and wishing something good would - Caribou
1:31PM 19/07/2005

Rachel - i feel bad because people really ganged up on mike. quite frankly, i think he could have - Caribou
1:34PM 19/07/2005

Ivette Feels 'Yummy' Right Now - valentine
1:35PM 19/07/2005

Maggie joins Rachel and Kaysar at the pool NT - Caribou
1:36PM 19/07/2005

F4 jumps to GR - Mike in bed sleeping. He's not been up yet today. NT - Caribou
1:37PM 19/07/2005

Mike is Wrapped Up in Bed - valentine
1:37PM 19/07/2005

F1/F2: Janelle and Beau in the gym. Jan "need music for this" Beau agrees NT - Caribou
1:39PM 19/07/2005

Beau - i'm just wondering if i get HOH who to put up - Caribou
1:42PM 19/07/2005

Howie Makes His Afternoon Rounds - valentine
1:42PM 19/07/2005

Beau in kitchen now talking with Ivette, James, eric, howie, sarah - Caribou
1:46PM 19/07/2005

Rachel still on floater in pool. Kaysar now in the pool with her. Maggie laying in sun beside pool. - Caribou
1:48PM 19/07/2005

Ivette and Sarah arrive at the pool becuase the men inside are ranting about sports etc. NT - Caribou
1:50PM 19/07/2005

Eric on Jenn's swim suit.... - SassyPrncess
1:54PM 19/07/2005

Janelle Did Five Miles on the Treadmill - valentine
2:04PM 19/07/2005

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