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Zazny I: Eventually you will have to deceive!; K: I think you can play the game where you don't have to NT 0 8:50PM 19/07/2005
Caribou Ivette infers Kaysar is being a hypocrit. He asks her outright. She says yes, he's being a hypocrit NT 0 8:58PM 19/07/2005
Zazny I: I'm way to outspoken for you; K: How is that a problem for *me*?; I: Because you can't handle this! 0 9:13PM 19/07/2005
Copious Ivette changes the subject and leaves the room. NT 0 9:15PM 19/07/2005
Caribou Ivette hammering at Kaysar ends. He walks away laughing and says "i have a headache" (as we do Kay, as we do) NT 0 9:15PM 19/07/2005
Zazny I: What I mean, is we tweak things from our 'normal days;' K: I agree with you NT 0 9:16PM 19/07/2005
Zazny Eric tried to trade the banned alcohol for another food group; BB said no, Eric says BB said "you're always thinkin!" NT 0 9:16PM 19/07/2005
Justin (Beau And Mike) - Play A Foos Ball Game - No Text - NT 0 9:31PM 19/07/2005
Justin April, Sarah and James Talk About Sleeping Positions! - NO TEXT - NT 0 9:40PM 19/07/2005
Justin BB: Howie Please Put On Your Microphone - BB: ( ? ) Please Go To The Diary Room - NO TEXT - NT 0 9:43PM 19/07/2005
Justin (Mike Gives Howie A Back Rub) - H: Can You Jerk Me Off Later Mike - Jan: Uhh...Grose - NO TEXT - NT 0 9:47PM 19/07/2005
Kaynelle R and Crappy in HOH 0 10:03PM 19/07/2005
Caribou Ivette's talk at Kaysar (verbatim & longggg) Includes interludes with Howie and Beau 0 10:11PM 19/07/2005
Lola Howie is playing porn director with Janelle and Mike 0 10:21PM 19/07/2005
Kaynelle More Howie 0 10:25PM 19/07/2005
bubbles6moose Howie grabs Kaysar's butt.... 0 10:29PM 19/07/2005
JAK420 they call ivette to the dr and howie said bitch NT 0 10:30PM 19/07/2005
Lola Ivette and James are laying in the same bed. Rachel and Maggie are there too. I don't see Sarah. NT 0 10:45PM 19/07/2005
Caribou Ivette's talk at Kaysar (verbatim & longggg) PART 2 (incl. Sarah interlude) 0 10:58PM 19/07/2005
bennyb89 James: I am going to put all the dirty dishs in the Gold Room NT 0 11:19PM 19/07/2005
bennyb89 Sarah: Why does Ice need to be frozen? NT 1 11:19PM 19/07/2005
bennyb89 Sarah is going to confront Mike and Jan about the dirty dishes so there isent a fight with James NT 0 11:20PM 19/07/2005
bennyb89 Ivette please go to DR. Apparently she lost something NT 1 11:22PM 19/07/2005
Caribou Mike and Janelle were on the hammock. Beau jumped on them. Eventually they flipped NT 0 11:24PM 19/07/2005
Caribou FISH all feeds NT 0 11:25PM 19/07/2005
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