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Janelle: So do you think you'll like me as much as your ex-girlfriend? - tntaangela
1:15AM 21/07/2005
Actually he said: - DebbieInc
1:38AM 21/07/2005

Can't Sleep - FrustratedFan
1:21AM 21/07/2005

All Feeds show most all are sleeping. Janelle seems to be restless on F3 & I think Sarah is turning often too on F1 NT - Mikkie
3:54AM 21/07/2005

Everyone still asleep, even Eric - Qcoatl
6:14AM 21/07/2005

Eric is now up and making his bed. NT - mountainmama
7:02AM 21/07/2005

While London scrambles over more explosions today, our HGs still sleep away. Except for Eric.. He's finally awake and making his HOH bed NT - Mikkie
7:03AM 21/07/2005

Rachel is up NT - Tambo
7:10AM 21/07/2005

Rachel now up NT - Qcoatl
7:11AM 21/07/2005

Rachel is now awake in the bathroom, putting on her sneakers. Eric in his HOH WC, actually washing his hands. NT - Mikkie
7:11AM 21/07/2005
Eric appears to begins packing his things up. I'm sure he's hating that he'll be leaving his King Pin Hole NT - Mikkie
7:13AM 21/07/2005
ERic brought the small duffle to the kitchen counter, perhaps its the snacks he didn't eat NT - Mikkie
7:16AM 21/07/2005
While Eric puts away the clean dishes from the drainer, Rachel, after putting on her under eye cream, headed for the work out room and - Mikkie
7:23AM 21/07/2005

Rachel is on the treadmill, Eric is in the kitchen. NT - joannie
7:23AM 21/07/2005

Eric is washing a broiling pan. - Mikkie
7:29AM 21/07/2005

Beau is up and has changed his batteries in the SR. Rachel still treading, Eric still doing the broiling pan. Beau finds Eric in the K wondering - Mikkie
7:33AM 21/07/2005

Beau tells Rachel about a dream he had about a food competition. - lemonred
7:37AM 21/07/2005

Now that the broiling pan is clean, Rachel asks if it would be better to bake the bacon today. We could make more of it. Eric says he doesn't - Mikkie
7:39AM 21/07/2005

Rachel putting bacon on the broiler pan, Eric comes to tell her - Mikkie
7:47AM 21/07/2005

While the oven was baking the bacon slowly, Rachel threw some int he nuker. - Mikkie
8:01AM 21/07/2005

Small chit chat, observations of the places of their pix's on the board, Beau says he's the - Mikkie
8:04AM 21/07/2005

The oven bacon is finally done. Eric says "make enough bacon?" (retorically) Rachel says someone will eat it. - Mikkie
8:05AM 21/07/2005

Rachel has made herself a pancake. Eric has left to go work out. Beau asks if he works out like that every morning. - Mikkie
8:11AM 21/07/2005

Maggie is awake and up nad went into the Kitchen finding Beau and Rachel there. - Mikkie
8:18AM 21/07/2005

Beau and Rachel discuss something important - joannie
8:19AM 21/07/2005

Beau asks Rachel what she is going to wear today. She doesn't know. - Mikkie
8:24AM 21/07/2005

Maggie is rehashing the Janelle fake lip 'confrontation' to April NT - joannie
8:30AM 21/07/2005
Ivette also present. NT - joannie
8:31AM 21/07/2005

April to Maggie: "They" are saying it was mine (April) and Jen's strategy to get Micheal out with their sexual harrassment claims NT - Mikkie
8:34AM 21/07/2005

April tells Maggie that Mike is going around telling everyone - joannie
8:35AM 21/07/2005

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