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Topic #1953459
tntaangela - Janelle: So do you think you'll like me as much as your ex-girlfriend? 1 Replies #1953459 1:15AM 21/07/2005

After a long pause, Michael replies: so far we've just kissed, we haven't even gotten to hang out yet.
Janelle: Sometimes it's the best way to get to know a person, to not do anything. The best meal we've had is hot dogs.
Michael: Sure.
Loud silence
More silence

(Sorry, forgot to post this a bit ago.)
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DebbieInc - Actually he said: #1953482 1:38AM 21/07/2005
"I'd like to think, MORE". Meaning more than his ex. (He whispered it immediately after she asked. I was able to hear perfectly with my headphones.)
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Topic #1953468
FrustratedFan - Can't Sleep 0 Replies #1953468 1:21AM 21/07/2005
Too much farting for Janelle, she can't sleep!
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Topic #1953519
Mikkie - All Feeds show most all are sleeping. Janelle seems to be restless on F3 & I think Sarah is turning often too on F1 NT 0 Replies #1953519 3:54AM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1953788
Qcoatl - Everyone still asleep, even Eric 0 Replies #1953788 6:14AM 21/07/2005
All are quiet.
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Topic #1953926
mountainmama - Eric is now up and making his bed. NT 0 Replies #1953926 7:02AM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1953933
Mikkie - While London scrambles over more explosions today, our HGs still sleep away. Except for Eric.. He's finally awake and making his HOH bed NT 0 Replies #1953933 7:03AM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1953962
Tambo - Rachel is up NT 0 Replies #1953962 7:10AM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1953963
Qcoatl - Rachel now up NT 0 Replies #1953963 7:11AM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1953965
Mikkie - Rachel is now awake in the bathroom, putting on her sneakers. Eric in his HOH WC, actually washing his hands. NT 3 Replies #1953965 7:11AM 21/07/2005
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Mikkie - Eric appears to begins packing his things up. I'm sure he's hating that he'll be leaving his King Pin Hole NT #1953973 7:13AM 21/07/2005
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Mikkie - ERic brought the small duffle to the kitchen counter, perhaps its the snacks he didn't eat NT #1953983 7:16AM 21/07/2005
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Mikkie - While Eric puts away the clean dishes from the drainer, Rachel, after putting on her under eye cream, headed for the work out room and #1954002 7:23AM 21/07/2005
is on the treadmill.

Eric is doing some dishes.. I see about 4 glasses in the sink. But he's only washing the lip of the glasses.. on the inside and out. Not the inside (deep) in the glass. Then rinsing. [ewwwwww}

As he gets to the spoons, he only wipes them with the sponge, leaving the handles unwashed.
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Topic #1954001
joannie - Rachel is on the treadmill, Eric is in the kitchen. NT 0 Replies #1954001 7:23AM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1954014
Mikkie - Eric is washing a broiling pan. 0 Replies #1954014 7:29AM 21/07/2005
[ ed note: I'm sure we will hear complaining on how he worked his fingers to the bone this morning over the left over dirty dishes and pots and pans!]
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Topic #1954042
Mikkie - Beau is up and has changed his batteries in the SR. Rachel still treading, Eric still doing the broiling pan. Beau finds Eric in the K wondering 0 Replies #1954042 7:33AM 21/07/2005
what time it is. Eric says its 7:30
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Topic #1954071
lemonred - Beau tells Rachel about a dream he had about a food competition. 0 Replies #1954071 7:37AM 21/07/2005
Where they had to eat salmon and peaches.

Rachel says she has weird dreams every night.
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Topic #1954085
Mikkie - Now that the broiling pan is clean, Rachel asks if it would be better to bake the bacon today. We could make more of it. Eric says he doesn't 0 Replies #1954085 7:39AM 21/07/2005
eat before he works out. Asks Rachel is she would go to the SR to find more coffee.

Beau begins the morning news reports (gossip) to Eric...
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Topic #1954116
Mikkie - Rachel putting bacon on the broiler pan, Eric comes to tell her 0 Replies #1954116 7:47AM 21/07/2005
to put aluminum foil on it to keep it clean. Rachel wants the grease to drip thru, its healthier.

ERic starts on Jenn and Beau says she got up in the middle of the night and went to the DR. Eric wonders why but Beau doesn't know why. Eric says she was freakin.

They all head to the aquarium now.. and amazed at the eel thats in there.
Rachel: 'he's sooo cool'
ERic: 'Jen ate your cousin'
Rachel: 'back it up, back it up ...'

This is all discussion to and at the fishies
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Topic #1954176
Mikkie - While the oven was baking the bacon slowly, Rachel threw some int he nuker. 0 Replies #1954176 8:01AM 21/07/2005
Beau is eating his bacon with syrup (Log Cabin it looks like). Eric is doing his coffee/water ratio sipping. Rachel keeps checking on the oven of bacon while cooking more bacon in the nuker.

A loud "boom" from BB is heard from behind the walls or overhead and Rachel says "Every one is awake now."
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Topic #1954193
Mikkie - Small chit chat, observations of the places of their pix's on the board, Beau says he's the 0 Replies #1954193 8:04AM 21/07/2005
whore of the board. (I guess he thinks his pix gets moved around more than the other.) And he continues that it will depend on who gets HOH this week. (as to where everyone's pix will be next)
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Topic #1954202
Mikkie - The oven bacon is finally done. Eric says "make enough bacon?" (retorically) Rachel says someone will eat it. 0 Replies #1954202 8:05AM 21/07/2005
Rachel remarks that some is well well done.

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Topic #1954220
Mikkie - Rachel has made herself a pancake. Eric has left to go work out. Beau asks if he works out like that every morning. 0 Replies #1954220 8:11AM 21/07/2005
Rachel say yeah, either inside or outside.

Beau asks how the traffic is where she lives. She says it can be horrendous. She says some kids have died there. THey aren't used to the altitude and get drunk fast. Small talk about Colorado.
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Topic #1954242
Mikkie - Maggie is awake and up nad went into the Kitchen finding Beau and Rachel there. 0 Replies #1954242 8:18AM 21/07/2005
Rachel asks her about the lights out thing, they hadn't done that before.

Maggie said she had dreams last night that everyone had lice. Maggie asks if she worked out. Rachel said for about 15 minutes. What time did you get up? Beau said about 7:30am. He started tossing and turning about 30 mintues before he got up.

Rachel has finished her pancake and put her dirty dishes in the sink. Maggie has left the kitchen (WC?), leaving her with Beau.

Rachel is cooking more pancakes (for Maggie)
Beau has finished eating and Rachel asks if he had enough. He says yes as he takes his dirty dishes to the sink. He begin is rinse them off, Rachel says to leave them she has to wash that big pan there. He says he'll rinse them off.

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Topic #1954245
joannie - Beau and Rachel discuss something important 0 Replies #1954245 8:19AM 21/07/2005
what are they going to wear today?
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Topic #1954254
Mikkie - Beau asks Rachel what she is going to wear today. She doesn't know. 0 Replies #1954254 8:24AM 21/07/2005
Beau head off to the Pix board looking at all the pix. Rachel is watching over the pancake.

Maggie is shown in the workout room.. now talking with Eric. In middle of convo, Maggie says Good Luck. Are you ready for your speech? Eric says he doesn't have to do a speech.

Maggie returns to the kitchen and says outloud: You didn't have to do a speech? Rachel asks what speech? Rachel says no.

Maggie seems about half awake. They are talking about a speech for HOH ending. Rachel says no speech, She (Julie) just asks a couple questions.

Eric now has returned from working out and is in the kitchen. Beau if off camera. Some one else is up.. James maybe (on F3) its hard to tell who it is. Maggie continues to sip coffee at the kitchen counter.

Laughing is heard in the backgroud. Rachel says I guess everyone is awake. Maggie: Who is it? Sarah?

Its April, she's appeared in the kitchen. She then goes down the hall and the high five is passed between April and Eric.

Ivetteis up now too.
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Topic #1954266
joannie - Maggie is rehashing the Janelle fake lip 'confrontation' to April NT 1 Replies #1954266 8:30AM 21/07/2005
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joannie - Ivette also present. NT #1954269 8:31AM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1954279
Mikkie - April to Maggie: "They" are saying it was mine (April) and Jen's strategy to get Micheal out with their sexual harrassment claims NT 0 Replies #1954279 8:34AM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1954288
joannie - April tells Maggie that Mike is going around telling everyone 0 Replies #1954288 8:35AM 21/07/2005
that it is part of her and Jenn's *strategy* to go around saying that he was hitting on all the girls.

Maggie: "It's on tape!"
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