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Maggie and Eric's trust issues - Zazny
4:38PM 23/07/2005

Eric says they better all sleep with one eye open. She says that only thing that she has is Eric and he will be alone when hes gone NT - Anonymous
4:38PM 23/07/2005

Being "in the house" has an effect on most people that's negative. - Moonshadow
4:39PM 23/07/2005

Mag wants Eric to stayin good with Ivette and she thinks Beau knew what was going to happen to herr today NT - Anonymous
4:39PM 23/07/2005

Maggie says she has to believe people are as good as she is (ed's note: and as humble!) NT - Anonymous
4:40PM 23/07/2005

Maggie says they have nothing to lose at this point and need to play as a team NT - Anonymous
4:43PM 23/07/2005

Eric says that He ll has no fury like a woman scorned - esp Maggie NT - Anonymous
4:43PM 23/07/2005

M: The next goal is to split up every partnership - Zazny
4:44PM 23/07/2005

April hasn't stopped trying to talk herr way out of lies - she is doing the Karen thing acting sort of out of it to Mag and Eric NT - MagEricHater
4:45PM 23/07/2005

BB: Lockdown outside; E: Think we should stay by ourselves? M: Yeah, it's not gonna hurt us NT - Zazny
4:49PM 23/07/2005

Houseguests have all been sent outside for a lockdown - Mag and Eric saying they won't play differrently NT - Anonymous
4:49PM 23/07/2005

Eric says if he is going down he is taking everyone with him NT - Anonymous
4:50PM 23/07/2005

Mag says that K is going to meet his maker and that is why she can't be his friend ever NT - Anonymous
4:51PM 23/07/2005

Eric is proud he revealed everybody; Maggie hates on James, K - Zazny
4:52PM 23/07/2005

Eric: Janelle, if i saw her on the same side of the street, i'd push her into traffic NT - Caribou
4:53PM 23/07/2005

Eric says that if he saw Janelle on the outside he would push her into traffic NT - Anonymous
4:53PM 23/07/2005

Mags and Eric say they are playing as a team the next 5 days NT - Anonymous
4:54PM 23/07/2005

Eric and Mags are shocked by other people's behavior :) NT - Anonymous
4:55PM 23/07/2005

M: Kaysar said it was Beau's idea and James said it was Howie's - Zazny
4:55PM 23/07/2005

Ivette is trying to tell Eric not to separate himself and he says he isn't doing that and brought everyone togetther to say it was a game NT - Anonymous
4:57PM 23/07/2005

Maggie and Eric are voicing the exact feelings Mike did - they won't socialize with anyone else because they won't subject themselves - Caribou
4:59PM 23/07/2005

Big Brother in the house - ShannanCGC
5:02PM 23/07/2005
Looked like one man was putting things into a brown paper bag NT - Anonymous
5:05PM 23/07/2005

Recapped to this point! - KinkyLilBlackDress
5:16PM 23/07/2005
recap - Anonymous
6:40PM 23/07/2005

and we get fish............again - diamond
5:52PM 23/07/2005

STILL FISH............ - diamond
6:14PM 23/07/2005

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